Find & Repair Broken Links In WordPress

Broken Links

Did you know that broken links can harm your website? They are bad for usability and could even negatively affect SEO rankings. How do you broken links in WordPress and find the behest? I’ll show you the same. How do broken links even come about? Unfortunately, broken links are unavoidable, especially if your website has been around … Read moreFind & Repair Broken Links In WordPress

Remove Automatic Lazy Loading In Wordpres


From version 5.5, WordPress will integrate automatic support for lazy loading of images. This means that WordPress will add a loading = “lazy” attribute to your images. Even if you don’t want to. Here I’ll show you how to disable lazy loading in WordPress. Why lazy loading was built into WordPress 5.5 The manufacturer of … Read moreRemove Automatic Lazy Loading In Wordpres

WooCommerce Product Groups: Advantages And Disadvantages

I have been using WooCommerce for my shop on my website for many years. The widely used plugin is particularly popular with WordPress users, as it integrates seamlessly with WordPress and runs quite stably in harmony with other plugins. A professional online shop is a blessing for anyone who wants to offer their products online. … Read moreWooCommerce Product Groups: Advantages And Disadvantages

Using The .htaccess File Correctly With WordPress


You’ve probably heard of the infamous .htaccess file before! This is a file that influences what happens on your web server. Strictly speaking, the file refers to the folder in which it is located – including all sub-folders. In many cases, you have access to it yourself. However, some hosters do not grant it, but … Read moreUsing The .htaccess File Correctly With WordPress

Enable&Disable WordPress Comments: A Guide

Write comments: This is one of the basic functions of WordPress. But what to do when spam comments pile up? What if you just can’t keep up with the moderation? Fortunately, it’s easy to just turn off the comment feature. We show you how it works. Why it can make sense to disable WordPress comments Usually, the comment function … Read moreEnable&Disable WordPress Comments: A Guide