35 WordPress Plugins At A Glance

35 WordPress Plugins At A Glance

If you want to install WordPress plugins, you are faced with the problem of an almost infinite choice. The best WordPress plugins cannot always be recognized at first glance, so we have compared them for you. So that you can keep an overview in the jungle of well over 50,000 plugins, here is our selection.

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Install WordPress plugins: which ones do I really need?

Because there are countless plugins, it is not always easy to keep track of them. Therefore, the question about the right plugin should start with you or your website: What purpose should the plugin serve? When you define a problem, you can choose from a wide variety of plugins.

To make the overview easier, the features can be divided into different categories: Some are used for content management, some are used to protect the WordPress website, others are for online visibility – and so on.

WordPress plugins for content management

Editorial Calendar

One of the most useful tools for content marketing comes from WordPress itself: The  Editorial Calendar enables you to create a clear schedule for your drafts. It integrates seamlessly into the WordPress user interface and shows at a glance all planned articles and how far you have progressed with them – from the idea to the final touches. 


The clever Contextly algorithm offers readers related content based on the previously read content. Depending on the user, it is also able to display personalized content – a great advantage in times of individualized marketing!

Easy table of contents 

The Easy Table of Contents plugin creates practical tables of contents for articles, giving the reader a direct overview. A blog, for example, looks much more professional and user-friendly. The plugin increases usability enormously, as the reader can jump to exactly the topic that interests him. 

Yet Another Stars Rating (Yasr)

The popular plugin with the catchy name Yet another Stars Rating (Yasr) creates suggestions for topic-related posts under blog articles. The reader is more inclined to stay on the website, which has a positive effect on the ranking. 

Visual Composer

If you don’t have the greatest programming expertise, this tool is for you. The page builder plugin extends your CMS with a WYSIWIG editor with a strong performance.

With this, you can design your front and back end the way you want. You can also easily insert content such as icons or calls-to-action without programming anything.

Content Views – Post Grid & List

Without writing a single line of code, you can use content views to create beautiful post grids and lists. Particularly in the case of lists of the current or most-read articles, an appealing design entices readers to browse. In addition, the plugin can categorize your posts into the author, topic roof and much more. 

WordPress plugins for SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is now so firmly established as a WordPress SEO plugin that it is almost part of the standard repertoire of every WordPress user. Features include editing titles and meta descriptions as well as managing internal links and permalinks. This is where your ranking gets a real boost. 

Broken Link Checker

The name says it all: The Broken Link Checker is used to check internal and external links. On the one hand, the plugin checks whether the links are still working and, on the other hand, whether they lead to the correct page. You can edit the links quickly, easily and directly in WordPress. 

All in One SEO Pack

As the name suggests, the All in One SEO Pack leaves nothing to be desired in terms of search engine optimization. Its features include the prevention of duplicate content, the optimization of titles and support in the stringent implementation of responsive design. 


Redirection is a real all-round talent when it comes to links: It helps to manage your 301 redirections, 404 error messages and locates broken links. The plugin is reliable and free.

WordPress plugins for data protection & safety

Antispam Bee

If you want your comment columns to remain free of annoying spam, that’s a case for the Antispam Bee. The plugin takes preventive action so that spambots don’t even manage to leave a comment. It can also examine your entire archive for spam comments and thus ensure tidy comment columns across the board.


To rule out the possibility of a complete data loss, you should make backups regularly. The practical BackWPUp, which stores your data securely on external service providers such as Dropbox, helps here. So you are definitely on the safe side.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Behind Akismet antispam the brains of WordPress: is a special development team is hidden! The plugin ensures that your website remains free from spam. To do this, it looks through and filters user contributions and analyzes them about their spam potential. This is how you protect your site – and it’s free too.

WordPress plugins for performance

WP sweep

Many website operators have no idea how much data junk will accumulate in their WordPress database over time. If you are one of them, you can sweep through with WP-Sweep, since the plugin easily removes unnecessary data such as spam comments or deleted posts. Another advantage: WP-Sweep is free of charge. 


If you run a blog via WordPress, Autoptimize is an ideal plugin for increasing your performance. By compressing CSS and Javascript files, the overall size of the page and thus also the loading time is significantly reduced.

WP Rocket

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, WP Rocket is a popular caching plugin for both professionals and laypeople. The plugin is a real all-rounder and has functions such as cleaning the database and summarizing Google Fonts. So nothing stands in the way of a fast loading time of your website.

Regenerate thumbnails

There are often problems associated with changing the theme. One of these is the distortion of image sizes due to stretching or oversizing. The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin can help here, as it recreates the appropriate image sizes generated by WordPress.

WP Performance Score Booster

With this plugin, you literally give your performance a real boost. The WP Performance Score Booster effectively reduces the loading time of your website and improves its scores with providers such as PageSpeed, YSlow or GTMetrix.

WordPress plugins for social media & community management

Shariff wrapper

The Shariff wrapper buttons are compatible with the GDPR and are therefore a plugin with which you are on the safe side. It integrates social media buttons on your website and has little influence on the loading time. This is due to the unique design, as the original buttons from Instagram & Co. are not used.


The OptinMonster can turn visitors into customers or subscribers by displaying a form before leaving the page. Interested readers can be permanently bound by asking for their email address and other data. You can personalize the forms and tailor them to your readership.  

Better click to tweet

If Twitter is a relevant platform for you, the Better Click to Tweet plugin is worthwhile. You can use a shortcode to insert quotable sentences that users can easily share on Twitter with one click. Hardly any other plugin is better suited to increasing your Twitter performance.

WordPress plugins for affiliate marketing & e-commerce

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP)

The AAWP offers quick and easy integration of Amazon products using a shortcode. It shows the product including a picture, price and customer ratings so that the reader can quickly get an idea. This increases the conversion rate enormously. As an alternative to the individual product view, you can also insert comparison tables or ranking lists.

Pretty links

Even small details such as the appearance of the link can be decisive for whether a customer clicks or not. That is why the Pretty Links plugin offers a beautification of the often not very attractive affiliate links. Similar to Bitly, the link structure is compressed and personalized as required. 

Thirsty Affiliates 

Thirsty Affiliates offers you an all-round package for affiliate links on your website. You can quickly and easily insert links in posts according to your wishes and view the associated statistics (for example the number of clicks). If you have a large number of different affiliate links, you can use the plugin to sort them into categories. So you always have an overview. 


If you want to open an online shop or want to support your existing one with a helpful tool, WooCommerce could be ideal for you. The functions include creating product detail pages, setting up a shopping cart and payment methods, and printing labels. 

More helpful WordPress plugins


Many companies have internationalization in mind, but such expansion often involves a lot of work. The WPML plugin was developed to make this at least digitally easier: It helps to create different language versions for your website. For this purpose, translation aids for articles, menus and taxonomy are provided. The plugin also has automatic browser speech recognition. 


With Boxzilla  you can easily create pop-ups. All you have to do is select a design in the editor, enter your text and then set the trigger point – and you’re done! Since the plugin does not draw any external resources, it hardly affects the loading time. 

iThemes Security

WordPress is considered to be very secure, but there is one weak point: the plugins. If you don’t want to take any risks, security plugins such as iThemes are ideal, as they protect particularly vulnerable areas (such as the log-in). 


If you like to keep it minimalistic when it comes to statistics, you should integrate Statify into your WordPress. If necessary, you can look into it there and see data such as user numbers and origin. The data is conveniently located directly in the dashboard and can, therefore, be seen at a glance. 

Smush Image Optimization, Compression and Lazy Load

With over a million installations, Smush Image Optimization is part of the standard repertoire for many WordPress users. The plugin compresses images without any loss of quality, thereby enormously improving the loading time. 

New WordPress plugins

It also helps to keep an eye out for new plugins. Perhaps an unexpected opportunity opens up for your website? After we have presented the best plugins in the various categories, we would like to address the latest releases.

Rank Math

As a new SEO plugin, Rank Math could soon overtake the established Yoast SEO. The big advantage: It offers just as extensive functions as Yoast SEO Premium and is free of charge. At the same time, it is being developed further relatively quickly.

Easy PayPal buttons

Easy PayPal Buttons is not the only, but a particularly simple plugin for PayPal buttons. The simple installation makes it suitable even for beginners. The result is a responsive PayPal button that visitors to your website can use to make payments and donations quickly and easily.

Webpage Slider for Elementor

The new WN Webpage Slider for Elementor is particularly suitable if you are active in the digital sector and want to display a portfolio on your website. It integrates views from other websites on your homepage, through which users can scroll. This is suitable, for example, if you want to show designs, texts or other work for your customers.