9 Super Practical And Mostly Free Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram has become even more popular with users since the stories and the live function, which, of course, has great potential for companies and also for founders and startups. Therefore, you should also expand your Instagram marketing, especially if the products and services are “instagrammable”. To make the planning of the content easier and also the measurability and the analysis options of the activities become more transparent, it is best to use appropriate tools. This list shows you what options you have for networking, content management and success measurement:

To make the planning of the content easier and also the measurability and the analysis options of the activities become more transparent, it is best to use appropriate tools. This list shows you what options you have for networking, content management and success measurement:

Instagram Marketing Tools

1. Instagram Analytics – Integrated and official statistics

With Instagram Analytics, Instagram has finally created the opportunity to better analyze and evaluate its own presence on the platform. Small tick, the analytics function with statistics on demographic information, the most popular posts and the best posting times are only available to company profiles.

After that, diagrams and numbers are available for your activities, which you should definitely use. Instagram Analytics are the best source for reach and impressions in particular since other tools can only access estimates via the API and therefore, cannot provide any exact figures. This gives you meaningful results on the total of the profile views and the range of your photos and videos. If you want to receive additional data, you have to use tools that provide data on popular filters or hashtags.

2. Buffer – Practical planning assistant for several social media channels

The time spent on social media is a major hurdle for small businesses and startups. Practical helpers and tools are just the right things to make the effort clearer. Buffer helps here because the tool allows the management of advertising postings, automated publication according to a fixed schedule and for many social media channels at the same time. But analysis features are also included, which allow the performance of your account to be better assessed. This makes the tool an all-rounder that combines posting, advertising measures and success measurement in parallel. The tool comes in a free or free trial version and is supplemented by paid, more extensive versions.

3. Hootsuite – clever organizational talent for your social media profiles

This practical tool is like a buffer and also supports the administration and publication of postings. In addition, Hootsuite offers automated posting on a schedule and also has integrated analysis options that deliver results on social media activities. Here, too, the advantage is that several social media channels can be managed in the tool at the same time, and only one tool is required. This gives you the opportunity to use it to organize and monitor all of your social media appearances. The basic version of this practical helper is free of charge. However, extensions to the version can be booked in various packages.

4. Iconosquare – the standard tool for Instagram analytics and monitoring

Iconosquare is one of the standard programs for monitoring the Instagram presence in order to receive analytics. This includes an overview of the activities of certain periods, as well as the growth trend, filter usage and density of the posts, for example. The influence of hashtags can also be seen, and posting times with corresponding commitment can be understood. Followers are also shown in detail. Another feature of the tool enables a profile cover with the last 50 photos as well as a widget with which your Instagram photos can be integrated and displayed on your website. However, the tool only comes free in a 7-day trial version, after which Iconosquare is subject to a fee.

5. They simply Measured – Detailed Instagram report for small accounts.

This tool offers a free report if you follow their Twitter account, that is the requirement. For this, you get extensive analyzes and reports in simple charts or as numbers. All the data can also be easily downloaded as an Excel file and displayed in graphics and diagrams. Your account should not have more than 25,000 followers. Otherwise, this tool is not available for you. You will see your top posts in the report, the most active commentators, hashtags for lots of interaction, the ideal day to post as well as the most common keywords in the comments. Numbers are also provided for the filters and locations. The tool is, therefore, very extensive.

6. Squarelovin – Easy management of your Instagram account and in-depth analytics

This tool is more of an analysis platform, with which you really get insights about your Instagram activities. The whole thing is free, and you get a monthly analysis and the history of your posts, which can be displayed for a year, month, day or hour. The growth of your account is also understandable, and various tabs provide information on the best moment for your postings, the average engagement with your photos and also the top posts. The data is available for the entire account as well as for special posts. In addition, your profile can be managed via the Squarelovin; you can also create albums, like and comment on them. Overall, this tool provides a good package for monitoring and analyzing your account on Instagram.

7. Union Metrics – Small tool for the best posting time

This practical tool is also available in a free and a paid upgrade variant. Union Metrics goes into good posting times, recommendations for the content of your postings and your followers. Based on the information, the tool suggests the best day and time for your posts on Instagram. The report is not particularly comprehensive in the free version, but some good insights can still be gained. The account activities of the last month can be viewed, and you will receive data so that you can compare yourself with the average in order to receive patterns and topics. An analysis of the hashtags is also integrated as well as information on top followers.

8. Locowise – comparison tool for your Instagram account

Locowise also has a free analysis tool for your Instagram account that you can use to compare yourself with other profiles. Various metrics are available as a benchmark, such as a follower growth, engagement of your followers or the most popular filters. By comparing with other account groups, average response times to comments can be calculated, or the number of interactions. In addition, picture-video relationships can be mapped and the division of likes and comments. There is, of course, a paid and comprehensive upgrade version as an addition, but shown with the free version gives you insights into your performance and the development of your account. Locowise also offers free analysis tools for Twitter and Facebook,

9. Quintly – Your Instagram presence has been extensively analyzed.

Quintly also offers you help with analyzing your profile on Instagram. You can try out the tool for free as a trial version, after that it is subject to a fee and the price depends on the scope. At Quintly, you get analyzes of detailed information about your followers, the posts and also about the interactions. This gives you an impression of which times you use best for your posts, which type of content works best and which influence the choice of filter has.

Conclusion: Best report results with a combination of Instagram Analytics and additional tools

In addition to this list of helpful and practical tools for your Instagram appearance, there are, of course, a few that can be used to upgrade your pictures. Of course, layout and Boomerang are the two most important. With Boomerang, small videos can create, so you captured moments in a loop can show. With the layout, collages and several photos can be easily combined into one, which can then be shared on Instagram.

You notice that there are now a lot of tools and great additions to your Instagram presence. With the integrated and official Instagram Analytics, you get reliable values ​​for the reach and impressions of your postings via your company profile. In addition, it is advisable to use another tool for further insights and figures on account activities and a comprehensive report.

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