Tips for Perfect WordPress Hosting

Finding the perfect WordPress hosting is not that hard.

In this article, I’ll give you 5 tips for perfect WordPress hosting to keep your blog running smoothly.

5 Tips for Perfect WordPress Hosting

WordPress is, by far, the most popular content management system, and countless new blogs are being created every day. But with the selection of suitable hosting, many newcomers do hard.

The following 5 tips for the WordPress Hosting are from my experience essential, to ensure long-term trouble-free WordPress Blog.

1. Enough performance

If you start with a new blog, you do not have any visitors yet, so performance issues are not an issue. However, visitor numbers are gradually increasing, and many cheap hosting solutions are slowing down and slowing down.

That’s why I recommend every blogger to start not to rely on a shared hosting solution. This is the cheapest hosting solution for a few bucks a month.

The problem here is that in a relatively short time, first performance problems occur, and then you have to worry again about a solution. If already shared hosting, then with a provider, which makes it easy to move to another tariff and best still even performs.

Bluehost is such a provider. Here you get very affordable hosting.

My big blogs are running on a Bluehost server. This makes them very stable, and there are no performance issues. However, a managed server is also quite expensive and usually only worth it if you make enough money with your own WordPress blogs.

2. Settings options

This point may not be so relevant in the beginning, but it becomes more critical over time. Setting options in the hosting backend and eg, via the htaccess file, are important for many reasons.

So there are safety-related things that you want to adjust, but other technical adjustments are sometimes necessary.

Therefore, you should make sure that there are enough setting options.

3rd location

There are many hoster offers from abroad. So many US hosters go with very reasonable prices in this country on customer catch.

In Bluehost, you can choose the hosting location as per your requirement. As per my suggestion, you should choose a hosting location near to you, like if you live in the U.S. then choose U.S. location.

4. Technical features

Now it’s getting a bit technical, but that too is part of choosing the perfect WordPress hosting.

Meanwhile, many features are even in cheap hosting rates, and you also need not every novelty. So SSD hard drives are a nice thing, but not necessary for small and medium-sized blogs.

What you definitely would recommend are PHP 7 and free SSL certificates. The former accelerates WordPress immensely. The latter is necessary today for data protection reasons. I would not launch a blog without SSL encryption.

In the long term, the host should also support HTTP / 2. This is a new transmission protocol, which also provides more performance.

5. Support

Last but not least, beginners should not underestimate the support of the hoster. Some big hosters often have shortcomings here.

As a beginner, you often have problems or questions, and there are providers such as all-inclusive very well placed. Also, services like 1-click installation, automatic updates, regular backups, and so on are worth gold for beginners.

If you want to be extra secure in this regard, you can use a specialized WordPress hoster. Bluehost is such a special provider for WordPress hosting.


Although hosting WordPress sites has no special requirements and therefore, almost every hosting plan is suitable, you should take a closer look.

If you pay attention to the mentioned points, you start with your own WordPress blog quickly and will be satisfied in the long term.

What do you value most for the perfect WordPress hosting? What experiences have you gained so far?