Thirsty Affiliates: The Best Affiliate Links Manager

Do you use affiliate programs to make some money on your blog? Then you should use an affiliate links manager for this. You can use ThirstyAffiliates for this, which I would like to introduce to you here.

What is ThirstyAffiliates?

ThirstyAffiliates is a WordPress plugin for managing affiliate links.

This allows you to quickly and easily create new partner links and organize them clearly into categories.

Of course, it also offers you the link cloaking you need. So masking or hiding links. The very long and ugly affiliate URLs are converted into nice short links.

Here is an example of a long and unsightly affiliate link. here is your partner link

Thanks to ThirstyAffiliates, it then becomes a short pretty link.

ThirstyAffiliates Pro is available in the following plans :

  • 1 website: €49, –
  • 5 websites: $99.00
  • 10 websites: $149.00

The plugin features

Even in the free version, the tool already offers many useful features for affiliate marketing.


Thanks to the successful interface, you can keep track of many partner programs.

Affiliate Link Cloaking

Your affiliate links are reliably masked.

Simple link adjustment

Thanks to central link management, you do not have to manually go through all blog articles when changing links. You simply change the destination address once.

Advertising banners

In addition to affiliate links, you can easily manage and insert banners with TA. This may save you an extra ads plugin.


By assigning categories, you can better organize and evaluate your partner programs.


Some affiliate programs, such as Amazon, do not want links to be cloaked. Fortunately, with TA, you can uncloak individual URLs and entire categories.

Link Scanner

You forgot where exactly you put your partner links? You can have it displayed with one click.


Want to know how well your affiliate programs are doing? You can see that in a visual report.


In the settings, you can specify whether and which data is saved.

Thirsty Affiliate Pro Features

If you want to approach your affiliate marketing a little more professionally, you will appreciate the pro features:

Amazon Product API

Are you an Amazon partner? Then you can import data from the Amazon Product API. Under certain circumstances, you can then do without a special Amazon plug-in such as AAWP.

Car linker

The car linker can save you an enormous amount of time. You simply set the keywords, and the tool automatically links the corresponding URL.

Google Analytics

Would you like to see how your partner programs are going in Google Analytics? Establish a connection with one click.

Link Health Checker

This will automatically report broken links to you.

Time-controlled links

Ideal if you want to use time-limited marketing campaigns.

Geolocation redirects

Useful if you want to use different link destinations for certain languages.

Extended reports

htaccess redirect

The partner links are loaded via the htacces file and are therefore forwarded more quickly.

Mail notification of link events

ThirstyAffiliates Instructions

I will show you what the Affiliate Tool offers you and what the most important settings are in my instructions.

Install ThirstyAffiliates

You can search for and install the free version directly in WordPress. After activation, you can start right away.

If you want to use the Pro version, you also have to buy ThirstyAffiliates Pro. Then you can download it and then install the plugin manually.

Before I explain the individual settings, I’ll show you how quickly and easily you can add your affiliate links with ThirstyAffiliates.

Create affiliate links

Via the menu> ThirstyAffiliates> News Affiliate Links, you create your partner links.

Link title

Here you enter the name of the affiliate link. The URL is then later formed from this. For example

Attach images / banners

Another useful feature of TA: You can also assign images to every link. You can also use it to manage your web banners.


Here you enter the actual affiliate link that leads to your advertising partner.

Autolink Keywords (Pro only)

If you use ThirstyAffiliate Pro, you can also use the Auto-linker. This allows you to store keywords that should be automatically linked to the affiliate link.

The advantage: you no longer have to manually open all articles and insert the URLs.

Link Scheduler (Pro only)

Another Pro feature is the Link Scheduler. This allows you to specify a period in which the link should be displayed.

Very useful for limited promotions such as Black Friday deals.

Link Inserted Scanner

The Link Scanner is really very helpful! This will show you on which pages the link is located.

Link Health (Pro only) At the

With a push of a button, you can check whether everything is ok with the link or whether there are any problems calling up the URL.

Link categories

Similar to the WordPress posts, you can divide your affiliate links into categories here. A great way to keep a better overview.

Link options

For each link, you can determine what should happen to it. These individual settings overwrite the general plugin settings.

Insert affiliate link

As soon as you have created the link, you place it in the text as normal. This works in the Gutenberg Editor simply via the rich text control element.

Auto-completion is very useful here. That means you just enter the first few letters, and ThirstyAffiliates offers you suggestions.

Insert advertising banners

Would you prefer to insert a banner ad? No problem! If you assign images to the affiliate link, you can also integrate advertising banners on the page.

There is a special Gutenberg block “ThirstyAffiliates Image” for this.

Do you use Elementor? No problem either. Because here, too, the interaction works smoothly.

Similar to the normal post editor, you first mark the link. Then insert the desired URL using the TA button.

There is also a button for a quick link.

Plugin settings

The settings of ThirstyAffiliates are very extensive, so I limit myself to the most important features.

General settings

Here you set how the plug-in connects to the editor. There are two main points to consider here.

Trim Stats

Here you determine after which period the statistics should be automatically deleted. If you choose a value that is too high, your database will bloat very quickly.

Disable IP / Browser Data Collection

So that everything works in accordance with the GDPR, you should deactivate the storage of IP addresses and browser information here.

Link appearance

You define the global settings for the affiliate links in this menu item.

Here are the most important points:

Affiliate Link Cloaking

With the link prefix, you determine how the masked link should look like. I use recommends / partnerlink for this .

You can accept further suggestions or choose your own term. You can also include the category.

Link Redirect Type

Link cloaking works technically via a redirect, i.e., a forwarding. Here you can choose the type:

301 – Permanent redirect

302 – Temporary redirect (does not transmit any link juice)

307 – Temporary redirect (use the same HTTP method)

For affiliate links, a 302 redirect is recommended in most cases. The difference between the 307 redirects can be found here very well explained.

Link behavior

You can also specify whether the links should open in a new window and whether they should generally be set to NoFollow. I recommend both.

Additional rel attribute

Some time ago, Google introduced new link attributes. So you can automatically mark the URLs with “sponsored.”


A very useful feature is the uncloaking of links. This is especially important for Amazon Affiliates, as Amazon does not allow the masking of links.

So if you classify all your Amazon links in the “amazon” category, you can unmask all links in one fell swoop.


You can assign your own CSS class to the links and thus enable individual styling.


ThirstyAffiliates has a modular structure. This means that only the modules that you have activated in this section are loaded.

This affects the following modules:

  • statistics
  • Link fixer
  • Link uncloaking
  • Amazon import *
  • Car linker *
  • Geolocation *
  • CSV import / export *
  • Google Analytics Tracking *
  • Redirects via Htaccess *
  • Event notification *
  • URL shortener *
  • Link Scheduler *
  • User Management *
  • Affiliate note *

The features marked with * are only available in ThirstyAffiliates Pro.

Car left

In this section, you regulate the automatically generated affiliate links. You can limit the number and exclude certain pages or elements.

Click tracking

Would you like to see the clicks in Google Analytics too? Then you can make the necessary settings here.

Affiliate Disclosure

If you recommend affiliate programs on your website, you should inform your readers about them transparently. It is best to mark each partner link so that it is immediately recognized as such.

This is exactly where the “Affiliate Disclosure” module supports you.

In this section, you can make all the necessary settings to provide information about your affiliate activity. You can, for example:

  • store a page with affiliate information
  • Have an info text automatically inserted at the end of the article
  • Include a tooltip next to the affiliate links

Amazon import

Do you use the Amazon Product API? Then you can enter your login details here.

In the menu item> Amazon Import, you can then select products and import them automatically. It works in a similar way to AAWP.

Affiliate Link Reports

In the plugin menu under> Reports, you will find extensive evaluations of your partner links.

In the first tab, the TA provides a graphical evaluation of your clicks. You can sort these by date, category, or individual links and also export them.

Further reports are available in the Pro version:

  • Geolocation clicks by country
  • Stats table, an overview of all links
  • Keywords, clicks by keywords
  • Link Health, an overview of the links with warnings or errors.


For me, ThirstyAffiliates is the best tool for managing affiliate links. It simplifies the organization and the evaluation immensely.