Social Media Monitoring: 7 Tools That Should Convince You

Brands should respond to their customers’ conversations online. We present eight social media monitoring tools that can be used to track discussions.

What is social media monitoring – and why is it important?

Social media monitoring lets you know what your customers think about you.

Social media monitoring is all about getting an overview of the signals in the network for your own brand – about new company-relevant topics, customer opinions on your own company, products or services, and the competition. For this purpose, certain keywords can be set and tracked with the help of tools, which inform about ongoing conversations in the network.

In contrast to a social media analysis, social media monitoring is carried out continuously in order to be informed, for example, about problematic contributions in a timely manner. For example, those responsible can set up automatic notifications – also known as “alerts” – in order, for example, to recognize and intercept emerging crisis situations in a good time.

“Social media monitoring is carried out continuously.”

 But social media monitoring doesn’t just have to prevent shitstorms. It is also important that community managers see when, for example, an influencer speaks out. Praise can then also be dealt with – even if it is simply a simple “Thank you!” Maintaining relationships is another important reason why social media monitoring is fundamentally worthwhile.

Over the years, a market has developed that supports companies with a variety of social media monitoring tools – some free, some paid. At this point, we give a small overview of the most important protagonists.

7 Popular Social Media Monitoring Tools

Know what customers are talking about. Social media monitoring tools help to track conversations online. 


1. Hootsuite

Anyone using Hootsuite for the first time could quickly get the impression that it is a pure analytics tool. It is primarily used to schedule and distribute content on social networks and provides a range of statistics, among other things.

But there is more in the Hootsuite. Twitter and Facebook mentions can also be tracked via individual streams, which community managers can answer from within the program. The Hootsuite is available in a free and paid version from 19 euros per month.

2. Brandwatch

Even Brand watches can derive both analyzes and pursue discussions on the social web. What is special about the tool is the excellent coverage of various forums, news sites, and blogs.

The brand watch tool is considered one of the most extensive on the market and is used by numerous companies such as Sky and Whole Foods. According to the company, it accesses over 80 million sources. Brandwatch can be tested free of charge for seven days and then becomes chargeable. The price is 600 euros per month.

3. Buffer Respond

Buffer Respond is also brand new on the market. So far, the tool could only be used to plan and distribute content on the social web. Since last year, however, it has also been possible to answer user queries on Twitter and to carry out brand monitoring in the microblog. The basic version is available free of charge.

4. Radarly

Also, Radarly is incredibly large – from analysis options through to influencer spotting a complete CRM offering.

Radarly could also be too extensive for people who only want to concentrate on social media monitoring because the range of functions comes at a price: the starter package alone costs 480 euros. But if you want a solution for everything, you should test the tool.

5. Audience

Until recently, Audiense was still called Social Bro and is limited to monitoring in the Twitter universe. The tool offers in-depth analyzes, competitive comparisons, and real-time monitoring at a high level. In addition, followers can be divided into finely scalable criteria.

This includes, for example, the number of followers, the ratio between the number of followers and friends (important to filter out influencers, for example) or the number of tweets during a certain period of time (important to find dead accounts). Social Bro is available for free.

6. Talkwalker

Also, Talk Walker is popular and can compete on the features loosely with Brand Watch. The tool also collects content from forums, blogs, news sites, Twitter, Facebook, and other important social networks. In addition, Talkwalker can also be used to identify newly discussed topics, which is helpful, among other things, if designers want to set up a real-time marketing campaign. The tool comes in a free and paid version. The basic version costs 500 euros.

7. 247 degrees connect

Also, 247GRAD Connect provides access to the latest mentions of predetermined keywords in news portals, blogs, forums, and on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. In addition, the program also offers a content planner and a clear analytics function. Interested parties can test it for 30 days. The test phase ends automatically and is non-binding.