Snapchat Dynamic ADs – More Relevant And Creative Campaigns On Snapchat

In addition to a variety of features, Snapchat is once again a positive feature of companies with the new Dynamic ADs. The new feature enables automated personalization of products, which has a positive effect on the sales of brands and companies.

Advertisers on Snapchat already have access to a wide range of services, from tracking campaigns with Snap Pixel to optimizing campaigns, purchasing, and synchronizing the product catalogue.

Companies that want to draw Millennials and Gen Z’s attention to themselves score with the new and simple option of Dynamic Ads for creating true-to-scale mobile ads. Because the generations have grown up with mobile devices and prefer to use the technology comfortably, these target groups react extremely positively to the new feature of Snapchat.

What are the benefits of Snapchat’s new Dynamic Ads?

More creativity

The templates from Snapchat make appealing presentations possible with just a few clicks. Another advantage for companies is that no designer is required.

Reduced costs and therefore more profit

Because manual creation of ads is eliminated and the effort is reduced, enormous costs are saved in the long term. The employees can, therefore, devote themselves to other tasks that drive the growth of the company.

Optimized and relevant advertising campaigns

By synchronizing with the company’s own product catalogue and selecting target groups, the Snapchat system can display automated ads. Because Snapchat’s system accesses the product catalogue in real time, price and availability changes are directly adopted. This not only reduces the administrative burden but also enables “always-on” campaigns that take into account the interests of the Snapchatter.

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Possible achievements through Snapchat Dynamic ADs

According to Snapchat, there are already many companies that have cut their costs by more than half and more than doubled the return on advertising spending.

The online fashion boutique Princess Polly is cited as a successful example. When using Dynamic Ads, the cost per purchase was reduced by 66%, and the return on advertising spend increased by 171%.


Snapchat’s Dynamic ADs increase the engagement of platform users. In addition, companies can save costs and increase directory sales. The new feature is a clear win-win-win situation: users enjoy using and shopping online with Snapchat, companies can achieve their goals better and Snapchat benefits as a platform from future advertising campaigns.