SEMrush Free Trial 2020 –  Get SEMrush PRO and GURU for FREE

SEMrush Free Trial 2020 – Get SEMrush PRO and GURU for FREE

What is SEMrush & what can you use it for?

SEMrush describes itself as an all-rounder in the field of online visibility. Divided into different toolkits for areas such as SEO, content creation, social media, and SEA, the user is enabled to create corresponding reports. The focus here is mainly on keyword research and the competition.

Also, the data of SEMrush are kept transparent and are freely visible. SEMrush not only pays attention to the amount of data but also the quality. For a detailed list of data for each tool, check out the statistics page of SEMrush. Start you SEMrush free trial to explore it.

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SEMrush Guide

The SEO Toolkit

The SEO Toolkit of SEMrush is divided into the areas of the comprehensive dashboard, which shows an overview of the most essential parts of the SEO Toolkit, and five subcategories: Competition Research, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Tracking, and OnPage & Tech SEO. These subsections contain specific tools and reports for the respective subject area. Below we will introduce you to some of these features to give you an insight into the SEO Toolkit.

Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics is a part of the competition research category and is divided into five subcategories. The first window gives an overview of the general traffic of the website. Here you can add competitors to relate your traffic figures. This can be done for both the desktop and the mobile version of the website. It also provides an overview of the traffic sources, such as how the site was found, what device or country the traffic came from.

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Overview of Traffic Analytics

Furthermore, you get data about website visitors and their interaction, such as average visit time or bounce rate data. This feature can be used to analyze the traffic of its competitors more accurately and to draw any conclusions for its website. So, for example, traffic sources from the competition can be analyzed here to get a clue as to which websites can serve as traffic sources for their pages in the future.

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Overview of Traffic Source

Organic research

In the field of competitive research, there is the possibility to analyze and evaluate organic search data. Here, rankings, keywords, as well as the traffic of domains of the competition to be analyzed. This feature is divided into the subcategories Overview, Positions, Position Changes, Competitors, Pages, and Subdomains.

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Overview Of Organic Traffic

It provides insights into competitor data such as keyword rankings, changes in these rankings, and insight into specific ranking features such as rich snippets. Above all, this helps to understand what your competition is doing well and in which area there are opportunities for your website. This report can be beneficial for your own keyword research because, in the positions of the tabs, a list of keywords and their rankings of competitors is shown, which can be used to decide on your own meaningful keywords. This list can also be exported, making extensions to your own keyword list possible.

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Overview of Organic Search Position

Keyword Gap

Another feature that can be found in the competition research category is the keyword Gap Tool. This report allows you to analyze and compare keyword sets of multiple competitor domains. It makes sense to look at keywords that have multiple competitors, as you can find keywords for which your page should rank.

With the help of the advanced filter function, it is also possible to filter in such a way that only the top 10 keywords of the websites to be compared are displayed. Furthermore, this tool can be used to compare organic keywords used in paid ads. This data can also be viewed and exported for the mobile version.

Keyword Index

The keyword summary is part of the keyword research. The Keyword Gap tool also gives you the ability to click on each keyword in the report, which redirects to the keyword summary. The tool can be used for traditional keyword research by typing a keyword into the keyword summary search box.

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Overview of Keyword Tool

In addition to classic metrics such as search volume and cost-per-click (CPC), you can find matching phrases, related keywords, as well as the display of organic search results and ad text for the specific keyword. Above all, this overview makes it easy to determine the value of the keyword for your site has. If you click on each subcategory, you will be redirected to the following Keyword Magic Tool, which will allow more detailed analysis and will be explained in more detail below.

Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic Tool is a keyword research tool that provides matching keyword variations to the entered keyword. It will make it easier to spot niche topics, find long-tail keywords, and create a master keyword list that can be used as the basis for the further SEO strategy. The output list of variations is broken down into broad matching, matching, matching, and related keyword groups, and can be filtered by search volume, difficulty, and CPC.

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Overview of Keyword Magic

Keyword Difficulty Tool

This tool determines how difficult it is to use SEO measures to overtake the pages that are already ranked for a specific keyword and to achieve a good ranking yourself. This tool is especially useful for keyword analysis because it can be used to estimate how valuable the optimization process keyword will be and how realistic it will be.

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Keyword Difficulty Tool

Here SEMrush uses a self-determined score of 0 to 100 percent, with a score of less than 60 percent a slight difficulty, a score of 60 to 80 percent a medium difficulty, and a score over 80 percent a high difficulty. When determining the score, SEMrush looks at the authority of the emerging domains and deduces how difficult it would be to overtake these pages in the ranking.

Organic Traffic Insights

As part of the keyword research category, the Organic Traffic Insights report provides a way to view its Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush data on a dashboard and determine which keywords bring the most organic traffic.

After connecting your own Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts to SEMrush, you gain access to data about, for example, the CTR and the sessions. It is possible to gain insights into the “not provided” data to be able to use these for analyzing your website.

Position tracking

Under Rank Rank Tracking, you can find the Position Tracking Tool from SEMrush. After entering the domain and selected keywords, you will receive a daily update on how your website ranks for individual keywords. This can be analyzed, for example, depending on the geographical location or the respective terminal of the users.

Furthermore, there are various ways to filter, sort, and customize the reports to your needs. So you can get the information that is important to you. The Position Tracking Tool also makes it possible to assess what competitors’ rankings look like.

Site Audit

SEMrush can also be used to perform an automated site audit. This tool is the first one found in the category OnPage & Tech SEO. The Site Audit is divided into the following areas: Overview, Problems, Crawled Pages, Statistics, Compare Crawls, and Progress. This highlights issues such as duplicate content and broken links, as well as topics such as HTTPS and the hreflang attribute. This is possible for the desktop and mobile versions of your website. The crawl comparison feature also helps to see not only the static website health but also the evolution of it.

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Site Audit

SEO Content Template

Another OnPage tool is the SEO Content Template. This feature supports the process of authoring. Based on the top 10 Google results of the selected keywords, content suggestions for the page are presented, such as suggestions for improving text length, readability, or even semantic keywords that should be included. It also shows how the competition uses these keywords by showing snippets of the first 10 Google SERPS results. The tool also provides the ability to perform a real-time content check. The text content to be analyzed is entered in a field, and after activation, suggestions for improvement are delivered.

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SEO Content Tool

OnPage SEO Checker

In the category, OnPage & Tech SEO is also the OnPage SEO Checker. This tool provides helpful OnPage SEO ideas. This tool can be used to analyze the on-page factors of a website. This means that a list of suggestions will be generated on how the site can be optimized for better rankings. Here, for example, title tag, H1 tags, or length of the content are considered. Also, potential backlink sources are proposed in the analysis. This information is determined by SEMrush based on the top 10 best competitors of the selected keywords.

Link Building

Furthermore, SEO toolkit also includes the link building category. Here SEMrush integrates the area of ​​the backlink analysis, the backlink audit as well as own link-building tool. The general backlink analysis includes aspects such as the link profile of the page, the consideration of the anchor texts, and the nofollow attribute as well as the Link Authority.

The Link Building Tool also provides the ability to enter keywords for which you want to rank yourself. This will display pages that link to the pages that rank for the selected keywords. These websites also have the potential to serve as a backlink source for their own website. Consequently, you can build your own link building on this list.

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More toolkits

Not only does SEMrush provide an SEO toolkit, but it also offers a few more toolkits that are also worth taking a look at. These tools include Advertising, Social Media, Content Marketing, and Competitive Research Toolkit.

The purpose of the Advertising Toolkit is to support Google Ads campaigns. This tool includes features designed to help you set up and run Google Ads campaigns. It can be used to look at market niches, conduct competitor analyzes, and launch its advertising strategies using the tools of competitor analysis, keyword research, ad search, and ad creation.

The Social Media Toolkit contains two tools to support your own social media marketing: the Social Media Poster Tool and the Social Media Tracker. The Social Media Poster tool provides the ability to create and schedule content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter without leaving the SEMrush interface. The Social Media Tracker makes it possible to monitor social media accounts of the competition and to compare them with their own growth and level of interaction.

The Content Marketing Toolkit is designed to support optimal content creation. The tool is divided into Content Audit, Post Tracking, Topic Research, SEO Content Template, SEO Writing Assistant, and Brand Monitoring. These features provide an opportunity to review your website for content, analyze backlinks and social shares derived from the content, find essential topics, and make your content SEO- and user-friendly.

The ultimate toolkit is the Competitive Research Toolkit. This is also part of the other toolkits, which makes it possible to look at the competition from the different perspectives of the individual areas and thus obtain a comprehensive overview of the approach of your own competition.

SEMrush Management and Support

The management of various marketing campaigns can also be supported with the help of SEMrush. The Management Toolkit offers several different features. Below are areas such as projects, My reports, or even the marketing calendar and notes.

The project function is needed to perform some features such as Site Audit or Backlink Audit. Here, therefore, for the selected domain, which is to be analyzed, such a project is created, so that it can be considered in more detail. The My Reports section allows you to merge the collected data from the various analysis tools into one document, either with the help of a template or with your report. Finally, the marketing calendar and the notes in which the user is informed about updates from SEMrush and Google, among others, are useful,

If further help is needed, SEMrush also offers several options to contact support or give feedback. In addition to the classic support via e-mail and telephone hotline, SEMrush also has its own support page with detailed information about the individual toolkits, how-to articles, and a beginner’s guide.


SEMrush offers four different packages: Pro, Guru, Business, and Enterprise, with the Enterprise package providing the option to create a custom package for your own business. The packages each have different scopes of possibilities within the tool.

These limits, depending on the package booked, are also explained in an entry on the support page of SEMrush. In each case, it is discussed which packages have which limits because depending on the package, only a certain number of runs of individual analysis tools can be made until the limit of the booked package is reached. How much of the purchased limit has already been used can be found under My Profile -> Traffic Usage.

SEMrush PRO Plan vs GURU Plan Quick Comparison

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The allrounder tool SEMrush offers a multitude of possibilities to support your own marketing campaign. Whether in the SEO, advertising, content, or social media area, the tool is a useful helper for all areas. By the different bookable packages, the customer can decide for himself, to what extent he wants to use the tool. As the article clearly shows, SEMrush also provides a good set of useful analysis tools that can make the life of an SEO manager easier.