Sales Funnel Builder Comparison

Sales Funnel Builder Comparison

There are a few steps to building a sales funnel. It’s not just about creating the content but also about structuring the funnel. You usually have a landing page to which you can direct your prospects. There you can either register for the newsletter, webinar, or other free of charge. You may then move on to an offer, i.e., the core offer or, first, Tripwire, and then the core offer.

After ordering this offer, you go to the thank you page or, if necessary, to the upsell page beforehand. The thank-you page is usually the last page when the process is complete for a start. For this, you will need a corresponding funnel builder to build this sale funnel accordingly. Here you can find some providers in the Funnel Builder comparison.

ClickFunnels – Funnel Builder international & leading

ClickFunnels is a leading international provider in the field of funnel building. Russell Brunson, the founder of ClickFunnels, started creating funnels as a teenager. At that time, however, with letters! Yes, exactly, with letters. And so, his enthusiasm for creating sales funnels grew.

This is how ClickFunnels came about, and the software offers you many different functions on how you can easily and easily create a corresponding sales funnel. You have a corresponding guided path and numerous templates and examples to create the funnel.

You can also easily create your landing page using the visual drag & drop editor provided there.

Additional functions are not only the creation of sales funnels but also the creation of member areas. You can also manage your members and affiliates.

You can also create appropriate voucher codes to plan and advertise certain campaigns. If you want to create webinars, you can. And you can connect additional 3rd party tools. This way, you can connect your desired email marketing tools such as AWeber, ActiveCampaign, etc. 

Leadpages – Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

LeadPages is not a 100% funnel builder, but rather a page builder. However, you can also use it to create your landing pages quickly and easily. And you can then link these together so that it results in a funnel.

However, you should note that you have to do a lot manually for a completely functioning funnel. And you will need additional tools for that. You also have a drag & drop editor, A/B split test functions, and the possibility of integrating other online marketing tools.

Yes, E.g., for your own member area, you will need a membership tool like DigiMember, Elopage, FastGecko, or Membado. Alternatively, you can also use a course platform, such as Coachy, Teachable, etc. You will also need a conversion-optimized player as well as email marketing software such as Klick-Tipp, CleverReach, Mailify, MailJet, or similar.


It’s similar to Instapage. Again, this is more of a page builder than a funnel builder. Nevertheless, you can also use it to create sales funnels by creating and linking the individual pages, as with Leadpages. Even if some functions are available here that you will not find in one or the other Funnel Builder, you will also miss some functions here.

But you have the most basic functions, such as a drag & drop editor to create your landing pages. This allows you to arrange the elements as you need them. You also have A/B split testing functions as well as a heat map. The Automatic Text Replacement function should be listed as an interesting function. You also have the option of creating AMP pages here. This makes the pages really fast.

Convertri – the alternative

Convertri is another option of the Funnel Builder. The main focus here was on creating funnels. This means that you create your landing pages using a drag & drop editor. You can also choose a template from various templates and adapt it to your branding before doing this.

This saves you time, and doesn’t have to start from scratch. There are some interesting features included to make your life easier. However, if you are looking for functions such as managing affiliates, running webinars, or creating member areas, then you will unfortunately not find them here.

To create a member area, you will need a course platform or a membership plugin for your CMS, e.g. WordPress needs. You will also need webinar software and email marketing software. Unfortunately, this means that you will not be able to do without 3rd party tools with this provider. Therefore, the price is a bit lower than with the other providers if you are ONLY looking for landing pages or funnel builders.

Wishpond Funnel Builder

Wishpond is another software in this category. It offers the possibility to create landing pages and that you can create automation for your marketing. This means it has marketing automation functions included.

With this, you determine what happens when a certain event occurs, or a trigger is triggered. The drag & drop editor is very easy to use, and when you create it, you first get suggestions for your area and industry. This allows you to use the template with the associated steps and pages.

So you can use a sales page and an opt-in page for the webinar, thank you page, etc. You will find numerous suggestions that you can use and adapt accordingly.

Conclusion on the Sales Funnel Builder comparison

As you can see, there are different providers for creating sales funnels. It is important that you realize what your requirements are and then go after them.

With this Funnel Builder comparison, you can get a quick overview. You should test these tools yourself or those that come to your mind or appeal to you. You can test it for free for a certain period of time or for €1 and then check whether it meets your requirements. Then decide on the tool you want.

Of course, you can also choose a page builder like Leadpages, ElementorDivi, Instapages, or Thrive Architect and then build the funnels yourself. In this case, you will not be able to do without 3rd party software. You should take this into account in your calculation.