New Feature Discovered: Can Users Edit Clips In Instagram Stories In The Future?

Instagram is testing a new feature in the stories. This could make it easier to edit clips within the app in the future.

Another new feature for Instagram has emerged. After the social media platform first introduced GIFs as an answer option in the stories and then launched a new list feature, Instagram is now testing a new video editing tool. Jane Manchun Wong, the reverse engineering expert, found out and showed on Twitter what this new feature could look like.

The new tool could make it easier for users to edit clips within the app. Because Instagram is testing a new slider with which the video can be shortened very easily. To get to the slider, all you have to do in the future is to click on the new edit icon.

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Instagram: A video editing tool would also benefit businesses

Many users use external apps to edit their videos for Instagram stories. The introduction of a video editing tool within the app would simplify the process for private users and influencers. Brands and companies would also benefit from the new feature. Because brands could edit content according to their ideas without losing the spontaneous and quick character of Instagram Stories. This has been proven to be the most successful among users. The tests from Instagram have not yet been officially confirmed.