A Full List Of The 29 Most Exciting Shopify Apps For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

A Full List Of The 29 Most Exciting Shopify Apps For Ecommerce Entrepreneurs

Along with PrestaShop and Shopware, Shopify isone of the most popular shop systems among online retailers. For this reason, thousands of apps (as well as plugins and extensions) have been developed for the popular e-commerce platform in recent years. New ones are offered every week and it can be difficult to keep track of them. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to 29 of the most popular Shopify apps here. Not every app is suitable for your online shop. Choose the Shopify apps that best suit your product choices, your type of customer, and the strategic goals of your online store.

Are you looking for examples of how other Shopify retailers have optimized their online shop thanks to suitable apps? Then take a look at our PDF on the best Shopify stores in 2021 and get inspired!

Before using Shopify apps

Basically, apps and extensions ensure that your online shop works properly. However, if you use too many apps, they can also slow down your online shop. It doesn’t matter whether the e-commerce platform is Shopify , Wix or Magento . In addition, not all apps are compatible with each other. It is therefore important that you always make a backup of your online shop before installing a new app. If something goes wrong during the installation – which is usually not the case – you can still access your backup. Please also always check app extensions carefully before installing them. User ratings of an app help to better assess the app before installing it.

The 29 Best Shopify Apps for Ecommerce

SEO Shopify Apps

1. Plug in SEO

The topic of SEO is definitely not one of the easiest, but it is all the more important for generating traffic. To make the optimization easier, you should definitely get Plug in SEO.

The app checks your shop, gives assessments on SEO-relevant aspects and also provides you with some helpful details: Thanks to Plug in SEO , you can find out how you can optimize your metadata, which keywords it should rank for and analyze your performance with the Google Search Console integration 

Cost of this app: Plug in SEO is available as a free version and in the version “Plug in SEO Plus” for US $ 20 per month.

2. Google Shopping Feed

Good sales figures in your online shop are essential to make enough profit. Google Shopping is playing an increasingly important role in this. Potential customers search for a specific product and Google shows them a selection of products from various online shops. With this app you can easily and quickly link your Shopify online shop to the Google Merchant Center. Then synchronize all the desired products in your online shop with Google Shopping. With the Google Shopping Feed app, you decide for yourself which products and offers you want to offer on Google Shopping. SEO titles and descriptions are applied automatically and you can easily update products using Google’s content API.

Cost of this app: from US $ 4.99 per month.

3. Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO

You should never use product photos given to you by the supplier. It’s better to take beautiful photos of your products in high resolution yourself. Google takes image sizes into account when ranking your online shop. With the Bulk Image Edit app, you can customize your image format in no time. The app optimizes your file names for SEO, automatically resizes the images to the Shopify standards and compresses your image files so that they don’t take up too much space on the server.

Cost of this app: The plugin is available as a free version, but its capacity is limited to a maximum of 50 image edits per month. You can edit 1,000 image files per month for US $ 10.

Shopify apps for upsell

4. Free Shipping Bar

This plugin lives up to its name: It creates a bar with a free shipping offer from a certain purchase amount, which you can determine yourself. Let the offers react automatically to the number of products that the customer puts in their shopping cart. This way, your shipping terms become an upselling tool. Free Shipping Bar also offers advanced options with geo targeting, automatic currency adjustment or configuration of the bar so that it is only displayed on certain pages. You can change the layout of the bar, its display position, or the appearance as desired.

Cost for this app: Both free and paid versions are available for US $ 9.99 per month.

5. SMART bundle upsell

Customers buy more if they like the shop environment. That’s not new. SMART Bundle makes clever use of this iron sales rule. This plugin is based on gamification: SMART registers which products the customers are viewing or adding to their shopping cart and entices them to buy in a playful way. Install the plugin in just a few seconds and start increasing your sales. You decide for yourself which product categories you want to use the bundle for.

Cost for this app: US $ 47 per month, with a free 7-day trial period.

6. Happy checkout 

Gratitude and appreciation are highly respected values, but these are often not sufficiently shown in e-commerce. Pages that customers see after completing the purchase usually look the same, do not exactly show individuality and do not necessarily encourage the desire to buy again in this shop. Happy Checkout is the solution for a lasting positive impression at the end of the customer journey. Complete the sale with a thank you page that drives brand loyalty and customer loyalty.

With this app you have the following options: Thank customers with a nice message or even a short video from your team, show Instagram pictures , encourage them to like your social media pages or to follow you and much more more.

Cost for this app: US $ 6 per month, with a free 7-day trial period.

Advertising & Marketing Apps

7. MailChimp

Many dealers invest a lot of money in acquiring new customers, after all, this is a prerequisite for growth. What most people forget are customers they have long won. Actions that are supposed to induce consumers to buy again in your shop are much easier. One of these measures is email marketing and this is exactly where MailChimp comes in.

MailChimp automatically adds consumers who would like to receive information about your shop to your MailChimp list. Furthermore, e-mails can be sent to specific target groups. This allows you to tell customers about special offers or make product recommendations based on their purchases. Activate the link tracking function to see which numbers can be traced back to your email campaigns. 

Costs for this app: MailChimp is available in the versions Free, Essential (US $ 14.99 per month) and Pro (US $ 24.99 per month).

8. Yotpo: Photo & Product Reviews

Trust plays a key role in generating traffic and increasing sales. The power of reviews and ratings is particularly evident in this area. It is therefore important that as many satisfied customers as possible submit reviews.

Yotpo’s secret weapon is the mail after the purchase is made . With the e-mail, the customer is asked to submit a rating, which will be sent automatically at the right time. Let off steam in the design, this is entirely up to you. The success of Yotpo lies in the fact that the assessment can be submitted directly in the message, saving time, so that customers do not have to click one link after another. 

Costs for this app: Yotpo is available in a free version. The “Growth” version offers more functions for US $ 19 a month.

9. Wishlist @ $ 2

With this wish list plugin you can increase your conversion rate quickly and significantly. With this plugin, visitors can put together their favorite products and later easily find and share them. There are several Shopify wishlist plugins, but this one is particularly easy to use. Use Wishlist @ $ 2 to create wishlists that perfectly match your shop design. As an administrator, you will receive a daily overview of the products that customers have placed on their wish lists.

Cost for this app: US $ 2 per month, free for the first 14 days.

Email is still one of the most powerful (and efficient) marketing channels. With pop-ups you can easily collect email addresses and provide discount codes for visitors who want to leave your online shop. Use the data from the forms visitors have filled out and automatically send emails to these addresses. A very efficient means of customer loyalty.

Cost of this app: Free for online shops with an average of 5,000 page views per month. Further options for online shops with 5,000 or more page impressions : from US $ 20 per month. You can also purchase the email package separately for $ 10 per month.

Firepush is an omnichannel marketing-Application for Shopify stores. Marketing automation is playing an increasingly important role in increasing sales. Firepush is a great app that you can use to increase sales in your online shop, improve the conversion rate and increase the customer life cycle. Use Firepush for marketing campaigns through various channels such as web push, SMS and email. Automatically send messages to potential buyers when they have left products in their cart. Inform customers when goods are available again, start targeted advertising campaigns with discount codes or countdown timers. Firepush has a positive effect on your social proof and with automated evaluation requests and order confirmations you also offer first-class customer service.

Cost of this app: free of charge up to 1,000 web push notifications.

Shopify Social Apps

Instagram and Facebook offer a wide range of advertising options and you can reach your target group very well. Start advertising on Facebook and Instagram in no time with the Kit app. With Kit you keep track and see what appeals to your target group and what doesn’t. This handy app can also start a retargeting campaign to remind potential buyers who have visited your product page before about your product.

This app is free.

13. Social media stream

Do you spend a lot of time on social media and would you like to integrate your social media content into your online shop? Then the social media stream app is just right for you. With this plugin you can display content from Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram on your e-commerce platform . This plugin is constantly updated so that the content on your website matches that on your social media channels.

14. Outfy – Social Media Promotion

Outfy is another plugin that does a lot of work for you and significantly increases your reach. The Autopilot option allows you to post on multiple social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can post your contributions immediately or schedule them for publication at a later date. In the Outfy dashboard, you can quickly and easily create attractive posts and it also offers various text templates.

Costs for this app: Outfy does not charge a monthly fee, but uses “credits” per post. Different credit packages are available depending on the expected usage. The first 30 credits are free.

15. Instagram Shop by Snapppt

Nowadays, more and more purchases are made through social media. For example, do you sell clothes? Then Instagram offers countless possibilities. The Snapppt app turns your Instagram feed into a sales channel. The same goes for Instagram galleries that you add to your online store, product pages, blogs, and other content. Take advantage of user-generated content by sharing fan posts with your followers and making them available for purchase with one click. In the backend, Snapppt offers an intelligent analysis tool. This shows you which Instagram content could be converted so that you can specifically build a successful Instagram strategy.

This app is free.

16. Referral candy

Word-of-mouth advertising is still one of the most effective marketing tools, including online. Referral Candy gives your customers an extra reason to recommend your Shopify store to family and friends: for each referral, they will receive an appropriate reward of your choice (a discount, a gift, or something else). You can also track referrals and see which reward resulted in the best referrals.

Cost for this app: Free for the first 30 days, then US $ 49 per month.

Shopify apps for customer loyalty

17. Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver

With Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver, you have live chat and offline messaging through bots in one product. Chat with visitors in real time, answer their questions and build relationships with them so that they become customers. Stay available offline via messenger and benefit from the advantages of direct, dialog-oriented communication. 

This app offers you and visitors to your online shop a modern messaging experience. Access conversation histories to identify common problems, use user avatars to show the personalities behind the answers, make communication more transparent with typing notifications and read receipts, and work together as a group to provide answers and solutions for potential customers Find.

Costs for this app: An extensive free version of the app is available to you. There is also a pro version for US $ 19 per month (US $ 15 per month for the annual package).

18. WhatsApp & Messenger Marketing

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the most widely used messaging applications. Connect directly with your customers via WhatsApp and Messenger with this free plug-in from Maxwell. The click rate is three to four times higher than with email. The plugin offers versatile possibilities for improved customer loyalty and you can adapt it to your own branding . Send an automatic welcome message to your online shop visitors, remind them of an incomplete purchase or inform all of your customer contacts about new product offers or special offers.

This app is free.

19. Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Customer loyalty is very important for most online shops. With this pre-made loyalty program for Shopify, you’ll greatly increase the likelihood of repeat purchases. You can tailor the loyalty program to suit your needs. Perhaps you get the best results for a particular product with a VIP program, while loyalty points are better suited for selling another product. The possibilities for individual adjustments are very versatile. Smile can also be integrated into external tools such as MailChimp and HubSpot.

Cost of this app: Smile offers a simple free version. However, if you want to take full advantage of the app, the paid version (starting at $ 47 per month) has significant advantages.

20. Back in Stock

This easy-to-use app prevents you from losing customers when a product is out of stock. Is a product temporarily unavailable in your online shop? Notify your customers by email or SMS as soon as the product is available again. Customers can then continue the buying process using the link. Pretty practical, both for you and your customers. In addition, with Back in Stock you can see better which items are particularly popular in your online shop. The app can be integrated into MailChimp and Klaviyo, among others.

Costs for this app: There is a free version (5 notifications per month) and a paid version from US $ 19 per month.

Satisfied customers generate more sales, that is an old saying. Answer frequently asked questions with this plugin and save a lot of time for you and your customer service team. Create a complete FAQ page in the layout of your online shop in just a few minutes . This FAQ page also contains a search function that can be used to further reduce the number of incoming questions.

The HelpCenter app is free. Paid subscriptions (US $ 4.95) offer more features (e.g. FAQ pages in multiple languages).

Exact Online for your Shopify inventory management

22. Exact Online Connector

If you are using an Exact Online or Exact Online Trading software package, this plugin can save you a lot of work. It is used to process Shopify orders in your Exact accounting and inventory program and automatically generate a commercial invoice or credit note. You no longer have to enter data manually. The more comprehensive Exact Online Retail Package offers further options and you can use it, for example, to automatically create customer orders and track the delivery status.

Cost for this app: From US $ 15 per month, with a free 14-day trial period.

Writing invoices is not necessarily one of the most enjoyable tasks. So it is better to do other activities that are more interesting and let this app do the work.

Sufio automatically sends out invoices for orders that meet all (legal) requirements. Selling on international markets is also made easier for you, as you can generate documents in over 30 languages ​​on the one hand and these comply with the relevant accounting legislation on the other.

Adapt invoices to your company by adding your logo to them . Also add contact information and links to your shop and social media pages.

Costs for this app: After a 14-day trial period, the versions Basic (US $ 19 per month), Standard (US $ 49 per month), Premium (US $ 129 per month) and Enterprise (US $ 499 per month) are available Month).

Shopify Shipping Apps

The processing of orders and shipping are among the most time-consuming and therefore most expensive work processes within an e-commerce platform . We know this very well from our own experience and that’s why we developed Sendcloud. With our plugin you can easily link your Shopify shop to several shipping service providers such as DHL , DPD , UPS or GLS and offer different shipping options in your checkout . Automatically print out picking lists, packing slips and shipping labels, and send notifications for shipment trackingin your own design and process returns in a customer-friendly and problem-free manner .

Costs for this app: You can find the prices of Sendcloud on our website!

Want to learn how to use Sendcloud for your Shopify store? Now find out how Sendcloud works .

Are you interested in dropshipping ? Spocket makes it easy to select and sell products from vendors in Europe and the US. The order is then placed directly with the manufacturers or wholesalers who deliver the product to your end customer. With this app you can process orders with one click; the app does everything else for you.

Cost for this app: From US $ 9 per month.

Like Spocket, Oberlo is a dropshipping app. With Oberlo, however, only the products from AliExpress and the Oberlo Marketplace are available to you. Otherwise, the app offers functions comparable to Spocket: automatic dispatch after receipt of the order confirmation, tracking of orders and updating of prices and stocks.

Costs for this app: Oberlo is free for up to 50 orders per month. If you want to use the app more intensively, you pay a subscription fee of US $ 29.90 or US $ 79.90 per month.

Shopify Analytics Apps

27. Vantage Analytics

To make progress, you first need to know where you are with your online store. Only then is it possible to identify weaknesses and deficits, to eradicate them and to continue to grow successfully. You need data for this process – Vantage Analytivs gives you it.

With a selection of over 100 metrics, you can monitor your online shop in real time . Whether it’s abandoned purchases, average order value or the proportion of returning buyers, check the data that matters most to you. Combine different metrics and create individual reports tailored to your shop. 

Costs for this app: The use of the app is completely free!

28Conversific – Store Analytics

Conversific is very popular for data analysis. The app gives you insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your Shopify shop. Google Analytics and other analysis tools can appear complex and confusing. With this app you receive all relevant data of your online shop in an overview as well as comparison data to similar online shops. The app also makes suggestions on how you can increase sales in your online shop. Conversific uses data from Google Analytics for this purpose. You will receive weekly and monthly overviews and to-do lists, which also contain specific tools that you can use straight away.

Cost for this app: There is a simple free version with simplified functions and monthly reports. Paid subscriptions start at $ 29 per month.

29. Lucky Orange

Gain insight into the use of your online shop by your visitors. Why don’t visitors become customers and on which page do they leave your shop? Heatmaps and recordings show you how to reduce the abandonment rate. Add surveys to your online store and get feedback in an easily accessible way. With Lucky Orange you can greatly improve the results of your online shop.

Cost of this app: from US $ 10 per month for 1 website with a maximum of 25,000 page views. With a free trial subscription.

Which apps are best for your online shop?

There are tons of Shopify apps out there. Choose the Shopify apps that make it easier for you to run your Shopify online store and make your job easier. Perhaps our list of Shopify apps is missing a plugin that you particularly enjoy using? Let us know and share your experience with us and the other Shopify users. We are looking forward to your feedback!