Kajabi Alternative – There Are 11 Alternatives

Kajabi Alternative – There Are 11 Alternatives

If you are looking for a Kajabi alternative to offer your own digital products, be it course or coaching, then this article is for you. In this article, I’ll tell you a few Kajabi alternatives .

These will then help you to create your information product, be it an eBook, course, coaching or a service for which you also offer a member’s area.

According to the manufacturers, the tools presented here are all GDPR compliant. This table gives you a quick overview of the alternatives to kajabi.

Kajabi Alternative – These are the alternatives to Kajabi


memberspot Logo - Kajabi Alternative

Memberspot is a German course platform that offers you numerous functions for creating your member area.

With this platform you can quickly and easily create your own member area so that you can use it to offer your courses and information products. Memberspot is based on the cloud, which means you don’t have to worry about the technology.

You can host your videos and other files here. You can also z. For example, use an 8-week template so that your member’s area is created with just one click and divided into 8 weeks.

You can also use different email text templates when someone signs up for your course, new content is available and a lot more.

If you have a branding and your own CI / CD , you can brand everything accordingly. In addition, you can even offer an app so that your users can also access the member’s area on the move.

Drip content, i.e. the time-delayed activation of your content, video hosting and the integration of various email marketing software tools such as Klick-Tipp , Mailchimp , ActiveCampaign and a few more are available as functions.

There is also an interface to Zapier so that you can integrate additional software and tools. Above all, it impresses with its simplicity and good support.

A free test of this Kajabi alternative is possible at any time. It’s best to do a test yourself, because you can test the software for up to 14 days free of charge.


oneclickbusiness logo

OneClickBusiness is software from DigiStore24, the leading marketplace for digital products in Germany. OneClickBusiness is very simple so that you can get to grips with it pretty quickly.

With OneClickBusiness as a Kajabi alternative, you can set up a course extremely quickly. Everything you need is provided for this.

To save yourself time, you can simply use a template and adapt it to your industry and your design.

The good thing is that you can also create your product on the DigiStore24 marketplace directly in OneClickBusiness. All you have to do is fill out one page so that the product is transferred directly to DigiStore24 and created there.

If you already have a product, you can transfer it to OneClickBusiness with just one click. With the integrated page builder you can build very nice landing pages etc.


elopage logo

Another alternative to kajabi is elopage. Elopage is more than just a member area provider. Rather, it is a payment processing provider.

However, Elopage also offers you a few different apps that you can use for yourself and your course sales.

You have a page builder so you can create your landing page and sell your online course through it. You can easily use and use drip content, affiliate management and voucher codes.

There are also no limitations with regard to participants and courses. You can connect and use many different online marketing tools ( webinar software , email marketing tools, etc.) here.

Elopage also offers many different integration options. So it is more than just a platform for creating member areas.


coachy logo

Coachy is another course platform that allows you to easily create your online course with just a few clicks. The platform offers you all the necessary functions.

This means that you can create your member’s area the way you need and want it.

The integrated landing page builder enables you to build your landing pages quickly and easily. Upsells and downsells, which can be carried out with 1 click, are also relatively easy to implement.

If you want to create tests, exams, diplomas and certificates, then you can easily create them. These gamification functions are very valuable. There is enough storage space for your videos.

As a payment provider or processor, you can offer and use DigiStore24, CopeCart, Elopage, PayPal & credit card. You can integrate various email marketing software. Among other things, MailChimp, Klick-Tipp , Quentn , GetResponse , ActiveCampaign or CleverReach . A free test is possible at any time.


clickfunnels logo

While Clickfunnels is primarily a funnel builder, you can also use it to create a member’s area. The functions are very diverse.

With Clickfunnels you can not only create a member’s area, but also the corresponding funnel. Clickfunnels is a good alternative to Kajabi.

Because, just as it should be for a good funnel builder, the video player is also optimized accordingly so that you can create a good welcome video.

With this funnel builder you can set up your funnels and LPs quickly and start quickly, also with the member area.

To receive payments, you can choose between PayPal and Stripe. But since there is also an interface to Zapier, you can easily connect additional software and tools. You can also use it to link to one of your DigiStore, CopeCart, Affilicon etc. products.

You can also use it to connect various email marketing tools. Drip content, affiliates and vouchers for promotions are also available here as functions.


funnelcockpit logo

Another Kajabi alternative is FunnelCockpit. Funnelcockpit is the German variant and answer to Clickfunnels and thus also a Funnel Builder. But even with this software you can create a member’s area pretty easily.

You get everything from a single source. A funnel builder, as well as the function with the automated webinar. You can use other webinar software such as Webinaris , WebinarJam or EverWebinar save.

With the drag & drop editor you can easily create a landing page, as well as the member area and the sales funnel.

You can save the videos at Funnelcockpit and do not need an external video hoster. If the functions coupons, affiliates and drip content are important to you because you want to use them, then these are also available here.

Funnelcockpit also allows you to use email marketing so that you don’t need any further email marketing software. But you can connect others if you need it.

The particularly important and helpful functions heatmap and A / B testing are also available here. So it is more than just a Kajabi alternative, albeit mainly for simple member areas.


DigiMember logo

DigiMember is not a web application, but a WordPress plugin, but this WordPress member plugin is very widespread.

Because, it offers you a very high degree of flexibility when it comes to setting up and designing the member’s area.

The special thing about this plugin is not only the low price, but also because you have no limits on the number of courses, members or playback time. But you have to take care of everything yourself when you install and use it.

The connection to DigiStore24 is definitely available here and is recommended. Email marketing software such as Klick-Tipp, Quentn , ActiveCampaign, CleverReach , GetResponse and some other tools are available here.

You can test the member area for up to 50 members for free. You will have a separate landing page builder such as Thrive , a webinar software and more. If you want to host everything yourself, you can use the WordPress plugin FlyTools for webinars and split testing .


Teachable logo

Teachable can be listed as another Kajabi alternative . Teachable also comes from the USA and is a very interesting and diverse platform. It makes the work of creating the member’s area pretty easy for you.

Even with Teachable there are no restrictions on users, traffic or videos. If you want to test it first, there is a free option. With this free variant you can even offer free courses and don’t have to pay anything.

Landing page builders, affiliate management, issuing discount codes or drip content, these are functions that are available and usable for you.

The fees themselves are also manageable. Since there is also an interface to Zapier here, you can use email marketing software such as Connect AWeber , ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact or ConvertKit.


thinkific logo

Another alternative to Kajabi is Thinkific . This provider also comes from the USA. Thinkific is convincing due to its simple and fast operation.

In addition to drip content, you can also use affiliate management and voucher code issuance. You don’t need an external video host or player, because the provider offers you that too.

With this provider you can start quickly and easily and build up your member area. PayPal and Stripe are available to you as payment providers. If you need more tools and functions, you can add more tools to the platform. This is possible because there is an interface to Zapier here.

If you want to test the platform for free, you can do so and create up to 3 courses for free. Of course, this free access is somewhat limited in terms of functions.


udemy logo

Udemy is a possible alternative, but only if you want to do as few things as possible. Because, on this platform there are many different courses from a wide variety of areas.

The creation is pretty easy and you can create your lecturer area including the sections and lessons.

The advantage of Udemy is that it is so big and you can also take advantage of the platform’s marketing opportunities. However, you have to know that the course is sold at a very affordable price (sometimes 9.99 or 11.99 euros). There isn’t so much left then either.


Spreadmind logo

Another alternative could be Spreadmind . Spreadmind can be seen as an all-in-one solution. In other words, it should offer you everything from a single source.

The tool itself is based on WordPress and WordPress users will quickly find their way around.

In fact, it offers numerous features so that you can also choose and receive coaching and mentoring. It is less intended for courses than for coaching and mentoring. There is also personal support with introduction and more.

Conclusion on the Kajabi alternatives

As you can see, there are a few different alternatives to kajabi here. The question now is which platform is right for you? Finding the right one is not that easy. The good thing is that you can test the platforms for 14 days – or longer – free of charge.

This is how you can check whether this platform meets your requirements. For this reason, a test is essential and should be taken by you.