Instagram: Three New Features For More Security In The App

In the future, Instagram users can complain about their blocked accounts within the app, query the status of reported accounts, and actively take action against cyberbullying.


On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, which took place on February 11, Instagram announced that three new features would be rolled out in the coming weeks. These should ensure more security and transparency on the social media platform.

With the new “Support Requests” function, users can query the status of the content that they have reported. In the future, users will also be able to see which content they have already reported.

The new feature can be found under the settings and the tabSupport Requests“. With a click on “More Options,” you can also mute, block, or follow the accounts whose content you have reported. If you are not satisfied with Instagram’s decision, you can initiate another review by clicking on “Request a Review.”

instagram new feature

The new function: “Support Request” © Instagram

Blocked accounts: In-app function instead of Instagram Help Center

Also, Instagram will launch an in-app function in the coming week, with which users can lodge a simple complaint against blocked accounts. Previously, this was only possible via the Instagram Help Center. Anyone who logs in with a blocked account in the future will automatically see the new feature. Users who believe that their account does not violate the Instagram guidelines only have to enter their email address, their name, and a reason. To complete the process, users only have to click “Request Reviews“. The user should then receive an answer within 24 hours.

The new in-app function for complaints against blocked accounts © Instagram

Users can take action against bullying on Instagram

The third feature that Instagram is rolling out is to help tackle bullying. In the future, users who are harassed or insulted by other users can have them blocked for themselves. If you have blocked another Instagram profile, you will receive a message if it leaves a comment under your content. The comment is then only visible to you, and you can decide whether you want to ignore, allow, or delete it. Also, Instagram will take greater action against offensive language in the future. The announcement states:

If someone writes a comment or caption for a feed post that our AI detects as potentially offensive, they will receive a prompt that the language used is similar to language that has been reported for bullying. […] We’ve found that these types of nudges can encourage people to reconsider posting potentially offensive or harmful language.

In general, Instagram encourages inappropriate content to be reported as soon as possible. However, the social media platform would only delete content that violated the guidelines. According to Instagram, multiple reports of content should not lead to removal.