5 Tools For Great Instagram Stories

5 Tools For Great Instagram Stories

The popularity of Instagram Stories continues unabated. We introduce you to use tools with which you can bring your stories forward.

More than 400 million users use Instagram Stories every day. The format has more users per day than Snapchat. Therefore, Instagram Stories are not only interesting for companies because of the possibility of advertising. Those who deliver good stories entertain their fans and can secure their long-term interest. We introduce you to various tools with which you can make your Instagram stories more successful.

5 Best Tools For Instagram Stories


With Storyheap, you create your stories in the browser and can either publish them directly or plan them in advance for a specific time. If necessary, an algorithm also helps you to find the right time to post. You can also use autopilot to automatically publish your content on all story platforms (such as Facebook or Whatsapp). The tool is rounded off by an analytics function that gives you insights into your stories.

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Depending on the range of functions, Storyheap costs between $ 49 and $ 199 a month. If you pay annually, you can save ten to forty dollars.

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Storeo is an iOS mobile app that helps you create seamless video experiences for your Instagram stories. You can upload a video in the app or record it directly via the app and then convert it into snippets of 15 seconds. Your individual story sections appear like a single piece of content.

You can download Storeo from the App Store. The full, ad-free version costs $9.99. This is not exactly cheap for an app, but it is a worthwhile investment if you often use video content stories.


Another tool with a more or less creative name pun. Storrito lets you easily prepare your Instagram stories in your browser. Various templates are available for this. You can then either publish the stories directly or plan them in advance for a later date. The practical thing about Storrito: You can use all the interactive elements of Instagram. This includes hashtags, placemarks, polls, and user tags.

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Storrito is free for up to ten posts a month. Packages for more posts range from $5 to $60.


With Easil, you get a large selection of single or series picture templates to visually enhance your stories. The templates can easily be edited and thus adapted to your branding, for example.

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Depending on the functionality you want, you can use Easil for free or for $7.50 or $59 a month.

Hype type

Hype Type is an app that allows you to add music effects and animated text in different fonts to your stories. You can upload pictures and videos or record them directly with the app.

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You can download a Hype Type from the App Store. The app is free, but you can only get certain features through in-app purchases.