Inbound Marketing for IT & SaaS: Content Brings Customers

Does the IT industry also need inbound marketing? And is content necessary for good SaaS marketing? Definitely yes! We would even argue that digital products are particularly dependent on good content – and show why.

IT companies or software providers have to sell – that doesn’t distinguish them from other businesses. But you are facing other challenges in sales and marketing: You don’t have a tangible product to offer – marketing is deprived of the possibility of the objective, it has to abstract and emotionalise. But these companies offer solutions, know-how and competencies for this – and that is exactly what makes good content … The connection between digital products and digital marketing is, therefore, obvious. 

We have already answered “yes” to the question of whether inbound marketing is also suitable for SaaS companies. But we want to go further and claim: Committing to an inbound strategy alone is not enough – you also need great content. We would be happy to explain why this applies to companies in the SaaS and IT sector (including ourselves) …

Why you should rely on inbound

Digitization is driving in many industries. However, only a few market participants are likely to have been exposed to such rapid changes as the IT and software sector in recent years. While not long ago people ran their doors in the shops of the PC sales chains with CDs stuck on magazines Online customers, the business with the digital itself has migrated to the digital.

And hardly every PC was able to connect to the global network when they were all unplugged and replaced first by laptops and then by cell phones. While software boxes were available from retailers by the meter, programs can now be loaded within seconds and are usually no longer bought but rented. The examples can be continued almost at will, and they show: While other industries are still thinking about tomorrow,

In such a busy, fast-paced environment, it is not enough to do what the competition is doing – you have to do it better. It is not enough if you do “something with inbound” because the competitors use it and run with the trend or even follow it. You don’t get to the top of an industry with a tailwind, but with your drive: Your inbound marketing must become the benchmark for everyone else; Your content will be more convincing, more valuable and simply better; Your buyer persona will be overwhelmed by the added value.

Software As A Service: helpful content

Service and support are the areas to which an enormous amount of manpower in SaaS and IT companies is tied: Installation, instruction, training, support … the effort is great. But good service is also so important because it is what your company is primarily measured by If several competitors offer the same or a similar product, customers will move to where they can get the best service.

Of course, the most important thing you need to do to provide good service is to train your customer service representatives. But content in inbound marketing can also help you to relieve your support department and strengthen marketing. Why? Therefore:

  • High-quality, product-oriented content on the website or in the corporate blog can clarify many a question that an interested party has and for which they would otherwise have drawn a service ticket.
  • Service-oriented content presented your company as competent and strong in advice and support – real advantages for the purchase decision.
  • The more valuable your content is for prospects and users, the more often they will visit your website. In the case of interested parties, this will influence the purchase decision; with customers, it strengthens the bond with your company.

Content ideas for the IT and SaaS industries

  • You should definitely publish your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on your website. A knowledge database or knowledge base is suitable for thisThis relieves your customer service, as users can first find out more independently if they have a problem. This also increases the transparency of your product or service.
  • Live chat or chatbot: Such a feature also relieves your employees in sales and service. A bot can, for example, pre-qualify interested parties or answer questions and only hand over the interested party to sales or customer service after a few rounds of questions. 
  • And of course, the good old acquaintance: the corporate blog, including thematically appropriate content offers for lead generation. As a reader of our blog, you should already be very familiar with it, if not, then please go this way: Generating inbound leads successfully with your own website.

To all IT companies: smile, please!

Software is a tool – and accordingly, it exudes a lot (or little) of charm. As a provider of conventional software or SaaS products, it is up to you to charge the product with emotions. Or the company that manufactures/sells it. Content marketing offers you many possibilities to present your company in a personable way and thereby emotionalize your products – such as:

  • Presentation of individual departments and the entire company in the corporate blog
  • Presentation of your products in the video – presented by the employees who played a key role in developing them
  • A “diary” showing the creation of a product
  • Podcasts that give subscribers a look behind the scenes
  • A virtual tour of the company

In short: don’t just show who you are – above all, how you are. And you already have tons of unique content!