Find The Right WordPress Theme.

Find The Right WordPress Theme.

Which WordPress theme for your homepage?

Are you looking for a WordPress theme for your new homepage, blog, or company website? Then you are now confronted with thousands of themes, and you probably don’t know how to choose the right one from the large number? On the one hand, it’s great that there is so much choice. On the other hand, it makes the decision that much more difficult. You could spend days or weeks looking for a topic.

In any case, when looking for the right theme, you shouldn’t limit yourself to just a beautiful design. There are a few things to consider, and they will help you to select the right WordPress theme for you in a more structured and faster way, with which you will be happy for a long time.

You should definitely consider these points when choosing your WordPress theme:

1. Features

Determine which functions your website should definitely have. For example: Do you need a shop, should the website be multilingual, etc.?

When choosing your theme, make sure that it is compatible with the features you want. (If you want a shop, for example, your theme must be compatible with Woocommerce)

2. Responsive design

Only choose themes that are optimized for mobile devices. This is called “responsive.” This means that your theme must automatically adapt to the respective screen size, and your website must look good on the go. This is not only important for a good Google ranking. A high percentage (and counting) will visit your website on mobile devices. Before you buy a theme, have a look at the demo website to see if it looks good on the go and is easy to use.

3. Free or Paid

There are lots of free themes that you can find at (Under Popular, you will find the most used themes, these are mostly good too, especially Twentyeleven, etc.) This is also sufficient for a private blog or for getting to know WordPress for the first time.

But once you want to create a business website, go for a paid theme. Paid themes can do more, have more design options and theme options, have at least 6 months of support, and are regularly updated. With a good, paid theme, you’ll be happy in the long term.

4. Find out about the theme.

Analyze all information about the theme

  • When was the theme created, and when was the last time it was updated?
  • Does it have good reviews, and what comments does it have?
  • Which functions does the theme bring, and are they already available in the free version or only with a chargeable upgrade?
  • Does the style match your project? Check out the demo pages. They give you an insight into the style of a theme.
  • If you want to integrate a shop, make sure that your theme is compatible with Woocommerce.
  • Want to get your page with a Page Builder to make, eighth, if any (and what) its theme.
  • Check out the demo pages.
  • Check out YouTube videos where the operation is explained. Do you find it easy and user-friendly to use?

5. Get themes only from selected, well-known providers.

You can get free themes directly from

Good sources for paid themes are, for example.

* Affiliate Link, which means I get a commission when you buy the theme. But it doesn’t cost more for you.

If you download the theme from a dubious provider, you can run into a lot of problems. Instead, rely on well-known, proven providers.

6. What should you not pay attention to?

Don’t let the look of the demo website (live preview) influence you too much. You have different images, different colors, fonts, texts, elements. The demo website is just a sample page that you could recreate with many other themes as well.

Colors, fonts, images are easy to adjust for each theme. The website also looks completely different from your pictures, texts, and colors.

7. The spying tool to find out which WordPress theme is being used

If you like a website and you want to find out which theme is used there, you can find it with this tool: The prerequisite is, of course, that it is a WordPress theme and does not hide the information about the theme were.

How can I help you?

I would be happy to help you choose your theme, install, and set it up. Send me an inquiry right away.