How can you use Black Friday for successful marketing in your online shop?

How can you use Black Friday for successful marketing in your online shop?

Use Black Friday for your online shop too.

As every year, you will plan this year to start buying Christmas presents sooner. Your customers, who are just waiting for the start of the Christmas business, are sure to feel the same way. Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday are suitable for this, and not only in the USA, but they also ensure sales records for participating retailers every year with lightning deals.

Use these discount days for your online shop, too, and rely on convincing online marketing strategies. This will increase the visitor rate and turnover at the same time.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday – what is it?

On Black Friday, products are sold all day long in stores and online at reduced record prices. In the meantime, the discounts are usually also offered for the following weekend – the Black Weekend – in many cases, even until Cyber ​​Monday. Black Friday can only be seen as a prelude to Christmas shopping.

How can you, as an online retailer, reach your customers?

With the right marketing campaigns, you can reach your customers sustainably and take full advantage of Sale Friday’s opportunities. This works best with a mix of all areas, whether search engine optimizationnewsletters, social media, or search engine advertising – get the best out of your online shop and convince even more people of your Black Friday offers.

Whether new in the range or slow-moving: use your options!

If you have new items in your offer, you can present them to the customer during the discount days and draw their attention. In the same way, you can sell slow-moving goods in online retail at an attractive rate if you take action and work out suitable strategies.

Social media: which marketing measures are suitable?

Social media platforms are ideally suited to advertise your discount campaigns. However, users love unique, funny measures that are remembered. So how about a competition that you develop to match the topic? This allows you to reach not only existing customers but, in the best case, also new customers, and make your brand better known.

Door by door to a bargain

Another option is a calendar that, like in Advent, counts down the remaining days until Black Friday and shortens your customers’ waiting time. For example, open a door every day in the social channels and surprise your customers with new ideas. So you can get them in the mood for the action days and, ideally, increase the sales of your shop system at the same time.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Reach broad target groups
  • Make your brand known, stay in the memory
  • Gaining new customers, registrations for the newsletter
  • Receive regular customers
  • Generate interest in the company, increase sales
  • Getting in the mood for action days

Appropriate design ideas for a coherent concept

To ensure that your planned Cyber ​​Monday or Sale Friday campaign impresses your visitors, we recommend that you pay attention to the design. For example, if you are planning your own landing page on the topic, you can design it in an eye-catching layout that still fits your usual CI. This is the only way your Black Friday offers will stand out from the other product pages, and the eyes of potential buyers will stick to them. The same applies to your newsletter, which will also be even better received by your customers in its own design and attract attention.

How can you make your online shop SEO-ready for Black Friday?

In order to lure the bargain hunters to your site, you should, of course, also keep an eye on content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) in addition to extraordinary design. You can only achieve a high ranking of your online shop in search engines like Google with the help of informative, relevant content, and sensibly used keywords. Therefore, you should optimize your category page, landing page, or product page that you have created, especially for Discount Friday and Cyber ​​Monday.

Take note of the following tips on your website:

  • Use meaningful keywords in the text and headlines
  • use optimized images
  • Pay attention to unique title tags and meaningful content

Generate even more traffic to Cyber week with ads

You generate a broad reach, a lot of attention, and quick profits when you place search engine advertising. This is displayed to the user depending on the search term and is clearly visible in search engines such as Google. It is also worth investing in ads for Sale Friday, as this allows you to stand out from other online shops that also want to convince with their products.

However, we recommend that you network closely with SEO marketing measures because the two disciplines can benefit from each other. The results of keyword ad tests provide information, for example, about which key terms are useful in SEO optimization. Conversely, buyers only click on ads from pages that match their search query, i.e., that are search engine optimized. There are special strategies with which you can optimally combine SEO and SEA. Just try it out and win over a broad target group!

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are worthwhile for your online shop with clicks.

We are happy to support you with your perfect online marketing strategy, especially for the discount campaigns for Sale Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, and offer you competent advice and a variety of ideas for your online shop. Show your customers the best bargains on your side and convince them with good deals from which you can also benefit.