Hashtag Finder and More: 5 Hashtag Tools For All Social Networks

Hashtag Finder and More: 5 Hashtag Tools For All Social Networks

Hashtags are virtually omnipresent in social networks. We introduce you to five tools for the better handling of hashtags in social networks.

Originally used to facilitate searches on Twitter, hashtags have become an integral part of the social web. They fulfil activist purposes (#metoo), are used for branding or simply help with the keywording of postings.

Many companies combine their campaigns in social networks with their own hashtag. Hashtag tools can help monitor the usage and distribution of these hashtags. Such tools can also be used to find other suitable and popular hashtags.

5 Best Hashtag Finder Tools

Rite Tag

With Ritetag you can not only find hashtags but also monitor them. The search function shows you popular hashtags that are often used in connection with the search term. You can see how often the respective hashtag is used per hour and how often tweets with these hashtags are viewed and retweeted.

Ritetag classifies the hashtags into five categories:

  1. Green: hashtags with currently good visibility
  2. Blue: Hashtags with good long-term visibility
  3. Purple: Hashtags only for Instagram
  4. Red: hashtags used so often that you get lost in the crowd
  5. Gray: hashtags with low usage and low reach

In addition, you can have further reports drawn up. There you can see which accounts use the selected hashtags and what range they have. You can also see the development of a hashtag over time and at what time it performs best. Further graphics show you in which countries and languages ​​the hashtags are used and whether they occur in a positive or negative context.

The browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Safari as well as the iOS and Android apps are particularly helpful. You can use it to mark texts or upload images and have suitable hashtags suggested to you.

Cost: The hashtag search is free. All other features are available in one package for $ 49 per year. The hashtag suggestions are limited to 1,000 queries per month, which should, however, be sufficient for most requirements.

Talkwalker Social Search and Quick Search

The Free Search of Talk Walker you a quick overview of how your hashtags perform in social networks. The tool accesses the data from the past seven days and evaluates, among other things, reach, engagement and sentiment, i.e. the ratio of positive and negative mentions. The data can be filtered according to demographic criteria. In addition, a hashtag cloud helps to identify other relevant hashtags on a topic.

If the data from the last seven days is not enough for you, you can switch to the paid Quick Search. You can read what this powerful tool can do in our test of the Talkwalker Quick Search.

Cost: Use of Talkwalker’s social search for free. Talkwalker Quick Search costs 6,000 euros a year.


Hashtagify offers you a comprehensive analysis of hashtags. The tool analyzes the popularity of hashtags, shows you related hashtags and identifies relevant influencers. You can also see in which languages ​​and countries the hashtag is used most often and which alternative spelling is used. Hashtagify also puts together relevant tweets so that you get a better overview of the context of the hashtags.

Cost:  The hashtag search is free. In the paid version, there is the option of tracking hashtags and users and downloading the evaluations, as well as full access to top-ranking hashtags and a bookmark feature. Depending on the scope of services, Hashtagify costs between 19 and 249 dollars a month (with annual payment). Each package includes tracking of two hashtags. If you want to monitor more, you can book add-ons that cost between $ 11 and $ 261 a month, depending on the amount of data you want.

Trend map

Which hashtags are popular in which region? Trendsmap is a tool that shows you exactly that. By zooming in, you can see from the global view to individual cities and metropolitan areas, which hashtags and terms are currently used frequently on Twitter and which users are currently very active themselves or are frequently mentioned.

With a click on the respective term, hashtag or user, you get an overview of the corresponding tweets. In the payment function, you can also access more detailed statistics and visualizations. These include:

  • Heatmaps on hotly debated topics
  • Sentiment: Which regions talk more positively or negatively about a topic?
  • Activity over time
  • Share of bots in the discussion
  • Reach and engagement of the accounts involved

You can also create hashtag alerts or call up historical trends.

Costs: An initial research on the map view is free. Various price packages are available for detailed data, which cost between 25 and 645 dollars per month, depending on the range of functions.


Hashtags.org is the ideal contact point for everyone who is still struggling with the correct use of hashtags. It is a mixture of analysis tool and encyclopedia. You will get a lot of background information on the development and use of hashtags.

A dictionary contains definitions of the most important hashtags – you can also expand this with your own contributions. You can also search for hashtags and see how they have been used in the last 24 hours, as well as view related tweets and related hashtags. You can get further analyzes with a larger amount of data as well as export functions and the comparison of several hashtags in the paid version.

Costs: You can use the encyclopedia and dictionary from Hashtags.org as well as a rough hashtag analysis for free. The more extensive analytics packages start at $ 49 a month.

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