Google Brings Support For Review Snippets In Search Console

Review snippets are extracts from a review or review from a review website. With the appropriate markup, webmasters can integrate such reviews, including stars or text, so that they are displayed on Google as a rich result. Now Google is introducing support for these review snippets in the Search Console, which makes it easier to check the implementation and analyze the performance of rich results that occur.

Determine the effect of structured data with the Review Snippet Enhancement Report

According to Google, the structured data for a review snippet are among the most used. Millions of websites would build on it. After all, a positive review as a rich result is a confidence-inspiring signal in the search. Therefore, many webmasters do not want to give up the option of displaying one. So that the effect that review snippets achieve can be recognized more clearly, Google now provides comprehensive support for these snippets in the Search Console.

review snippet example

Examples of review snippets in the search on Google, screenshot Google

The blog post explains that a new report should help identify implementation issues. With the test for rich search results, webmasters can already check (via code or URL) whether the markup works for specific URLs. The new Review Snippet Enhancement Report has even more options in-store. And it gives an insight into performance development in the context of review snippets.

What the new report specifically shows

The new report in Search Console shows errors and warnings, but also functional pages that have markup implemented for reviews. Resolved problems can also be validated with the report. This means that the corresponding previously problematic page is re-crawled by Google.

review snippet report

The report on Review Snippets in the Search Console (with a click on the picture you get a larger view), screenshot Google

In the performance report, webmasters can now track the performance of pages with markup for the reviews in Google search and Discover. The new search appearance filter “Review Snippet” is used for this.

review snippet

The review snippet performance in the performance report in the Search Console (with a click on the picture you get a larger view), screenshot Google

For example, impressions, clicks, or the CTR of pages with review snippet markup can be checked. Using a filter process, the webmasters can also find out which specific search queries, pages, countries, or devices are helping the review snippets to generate traffic.

With the new features, Google wants to help all webmasters to get a better overview of their markup pages for review snippets and ultimately to be able to optimize them based on the findings. For detailed information on markup for review snippets, visit Google’s Developer Blog.