New Ranking Update Active On Google? There Are Many Indications Of This

Many webmasters are currently experiencing a clear shift in the results in Google’s SERPs. Is it a new update for the search engine algorithm? Google only rolled out an extensive core update in January. There are no official confirmations of the current developments.

Drastic traffic losses and greater fluctuations than in January

Numerous SEOs wonder whether there is a current update at Google or whether tests may be carried out. At Search Engine Roundtable, SEO expert Barry Schwartz documents various signs of a possible update. After all, for example, Glenn Gabe, an expert at Search Engine Land, reports a loss of organic traffic from 20,000 to 9,000 users per day.


Blockgeeks founder Ameer Rosic, in turn, recognizes violent traffic losses in the context of crypto sites:

The signs that a major change is underway are increasing in SEO forums. At Webmaster World a user says:

My Google has been a busy bee this morning… according to SEMrush, I see that my two top competitors have been blasted into oblivion and have taken huge drops.

Meanwhile, two other sites have been climbing day by day and are poised to overtake my site (now temporarily in first) and take their place soon.

Interestingly, this shakeup today hit me hard in the # 4- # 20 ranking terms, but the top three ranking terms were relatively unaffected. My site is in limbo since the update around January 8th… one day rising next day falling… but seeing what happened to my top two competitors this weekend, I feel that at least I have been spared a huge drop (for now). I suspect this is all temporary… my top competitor has been completely stable and parked at the top for years now,

At Black Hat World is also discussing a back and forth concerning the rankings:

Way too many changes are happening lately, better to wait it out until things are more stable.

The rashes in the tools speak for themselves

Many of the changes in the SERPs, according to the SEOs on the web, reflect fluctuations and may not be final. However, the Rank Checking Tools such as RankRanger, Mozcast, SEMrush and Co. show rashes that are similar to the core update in mid-January. Or even stronger.

seo update

Rashes in the ranking change in the SERPs, SEMrush Tool, Source: Barry Schwartz

seo update

Fluctuations in the Google SERPs in the 30 days up to February 9th, RankRanger, Source: Barry Schwartz

At the moment, one can only speculate about the cause of significant fluctuations. On February 7th, there should have been a small layout test, which should not have been decisive for so many changes. According to Moz and SEMrush, HTML changes at Google should not be the cause either, argues Barry Schwartz. Therefore, it is now time to wait for a confirmation or explanation from Google. There is not much more SEOs have to do for the time being, as they cannot directly influence the changes in the SERPs anyway. And since it is not clear how long these are at all.

If you are waiting for official answers, you should also keep an eye on Google’s Twitter channels for SearchLiaison and Webmasters.

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