Google Ad Extensions to Boost Your CTR

Google Ad Extensions to Boost Your CTR

Google Ads ad extensions are additional pieces of information that are added to ads either manually or automatically. Some are clickable, and some are not.

With ad extensions, you can add additional information to your Google Ads text ads and create additional incentives to click. All currently available ad extensions are presented below.

Different Google Ad Extensions

Sitelinks Extension

Sitelinks are additional links below a text ad. In addition to the actual link to the target page, other categories, subcategories, products, or website areas can be advertised using sitelinks.

Sitelink extensions can be used in search network campaigns. The number of sitelinks shown varies depending on the ad position and quality rating.

sitelink extension

Sitelinks can optionally be provided with the additional text of up to 70 characters. The display of sitelinks can vary depending on the device and number.


  • Show and link website categories – The user can click to go to other pages than the target page linked in the ad
  • Promote action pages – You can make users aware of promotions and bring them to suitable landing pages
  • Specially adapted sitelinks for mobile ads – There are optimization options for mobile devices
  • Statistical data from sitelinks are easy to evaluate – Google Ads provides detailed statistics on the performance of each sitelink

Who are sitelinks for:

Sitelinks are suitable for all advertisers.

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Extension with additional information (Call Out extension)

Callouts are additional information intended to specifically point buyers to the advantages or special features of advertisers. This non-clickable extension offers space (max. 25 characters per callout) for 2 – 6 short pieces of additional information under a Google Ads text ad.

call out google ad extension

Depending on the device, they are played out differently. On computers, they are usually displayed in one line and separated by a period. In contrast, they are displayed paragraph by paragraph on mobile devices.


  • You can highlight offers or point out popular or special benefits (USP) of your company
  • Callouts are flexible and customizable

For whom is additional information suitable:

Extensions with additional information are suitable for all advertisers.

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Snippet extension

Similar to the callout extension, snippet extensions provide additional information on specific products or services in search ads. The non-clickable snippets must be assigned to one of 13 categories, and each must be filled with at least three characteristics (max. 25 characters per snippet).

snippet extension

Furthermore, snippets may not contain direct advertising texts. It is important: The entered snippets must match the selected category!


  • Potential customers learn more about your products, equipment, or services
  • You decide on which level snippets are displayed (account, campaign, ad group, or ad level)
  • You can store a schedule and thus decide for yourself at what time or on which day snippets with ads are displayed

Who are snippets for:

Snippets are suitable for all advertisers.

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Price extension

With the price extension’s help, individual products or services can be presented directly under a text ad. Different options and prices are displayed to the user on three to a maximum of eight “cards.” Similar to the Sitelink extension, the display varies between mobile and stationary end devices.

The displayed “cards” consist of a header and description (max. 25 characters each), the respective price, and an optional unit (per hour/day, etc.). Each price extension must be provided with a direct link. This means that the user can be directed to the relevant product with a click. In addition to currency, each price extension must be assigned a type:

  • Brands
  • Events
  • Locations
  • Districts
  • Product categories
  • Product variants
  • Service categories
  • Service variants
  • Services


  • good product prices can be represented
  • Offers are highlighted interactively
  • Customers are taken directly to the product page

For whom are price extensions suitable:

This extension is particularly interesting for online shops or advertisers who offer paid services.

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Offer extension

Special offers in certain categories can be highlighted with offer extensions, also known as promotion extensions. If there is no suitable category, you can also select “No information.” In this case, the offer extension will only be marked with “Offer” in the Google search. The extensions appear in bold next to the advertising text in the search network. A maximum of 20 characters are available.

offer extension


  • You can make users aware of certain offers (promotions, discounts, etc.)
  • You can direct potential customers directly to your supply page.

For whom are offer extensions suitable:

Offer extensions are suitable for advertisers with online shops.

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Call extension

With the help of the call extension, advertisements can be given a telephone number. Call reports can be activated to track incoming calls. A forwarding number is then displayed, which is different for each impression.

call extension


  • Searchers can contact you directly
  • Calls can be closely tracked through call conversions
  • Clicking on a call extension costs the same as a normal click

Who are call extensions for:

Call extensions are useful for advertisers whose customer contact includes calls. Calling is also useful for mobile traffic.

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Location extension

With the location extension, the Google Ads ad is supplemented by the address data of a company. Location extensions can be played in both the search and the display network, whenever a user is in the vicinity of the business location.

location extension

A linked Google My Business account is required for the location extension. With a click on “Route Planner,” the route description to the store is displayed. If the location extensions are successfully activated, reviews from the Google My Business business listings can also be added to the advertisements, but only if there are min. There are five reviews with an average of 3.5 stars.

Location extensions are available on both mobile devices and computers.


  • You can provide users with direct directions to the store
  • Highlighting the Google reviews

For whom are location extensions suitable:

Location extensions are suitable for companies or advertisers who advertise a stationary service or a stationary business. The extension is also suitable for advertisers who have multiple locations and want to take this into account in Google Ads advertising.

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SMS extension

This type of ad extension (click-to-message) is only visible on the smartphone / mobile phone. With just one click, the user can send a short message to the advertiser, for example, to book an appointment, request an offer, or get a callback.

sms extension

A prerequisite is a telephone number that enables the receipt of SMS messages and a system behind it for processing the messages.


  • easy way to get in touch with your potential customers
  • Reporting options:
    • Chat rate: How often people start a conversation with companies
    • Chat start time: Timestamps indicate when the communication started
    • Messages: Number of messages that were exchanged in one process

Who are SMS extensions suitable for:

SMS extensions are an alternative to call extension and are suitable for the same advertisers.

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App extension

The extension for mobile apps (app extensions) enables the direct download of an app from the mobile Google search. Accordingly, the extension is only possible for mobile devices and tablets.

app extension


  • They lead users directly to the download area of ​​your app in the App Store
  • Android and iOS apps can be used

For whom are app extensions suitable:

This extension is particularly interesting for advertisers who have their own app and want to market it or make it available for download.

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Seller ratings

A seller rating as part of a Google Ads ad is shown in the form of a 5-star graphic. This signals seriousness and trust to the customer and thus helps to higher trust and thus higher click rates on advertisements.

Seller ratings extension

To get this rating in the Google Ads ads, a company needs at least 150 reviews with 3.5 stars or more within the last 12 months. However, there are no active setting options for seller ratings in the Google Ads account; the extension is automatically displayed when the criteria are met.

Who are seller ratings for:

They are suitable for advertisers with an online shop.

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