Getting Marketing Steps

Getting Marketing Steps

After we have taken care of the structure of our new blog, the look and the search engine optimization, today it’s about the first marketing steps.

In addition to the search engine optimization and useful content, above all, good marketing is the basis of the blog success. I know some blogs that have excellent articles, but bloggers do nothing for marketing. And so these blogs probably always remain insider tips.

Which marketing possibilities are there and what should be better left?

I will answer these and other questions below.

Blog marketing

After starting your blog, you should not lean back and cross your arms.

Now it’s time to stay tuned and market the blog. In the process, “marketing” sounds like business / marketing-related, but that’s not the case.

The point is to stir the drum and use all legal ways to make the blog known.

Because in this way, new readers become aware of the blog and other bloggers as well.

In this article, I introduce a few possibilities, which marketing steps one can / should perform. I had good experiences with it.

Of course, some of the methods presented here, of course, overlap with those from the ” fast backlinks ” article. That’s normal too. Because getting attention means often getting backlinks on the web. But today it’s more about attention than backlinks.

In any case, you must carry out many of the measures presented herein parallel, as they bring the most success in their entirety.

Marketing methods for blogs

Social Bookmarking Websites

Websites such as,, or are ideal for creating topic-specific collections of links. These are then often used by other users and that their own, thematically appropriate, links should be clear.

Social Networking Websites

Create a free profile on several social networking sites, such as, or Uses these services as well and posts interesting and useful content. Often you can also automatically publish content from your blog there. And then link these profiles again in your blog.


Start a Twitter account, follow interesting people from your industry, retweet exciting tweets and write your tweets. When people in your industry use Twitter, you can get a lot of attention.


Become active and commented both in your blog (respond to comments from readers), as well as in other appropriate blogs. But not just “super page” plus your URL, but significant comments. That’s how the other bloggers get to know you.


It is very important to link to other blogs and websites. Do not be afraid, readers love useful and exciting links and therefore remain especially loyal to you. One should link without asking for anything in return.

Blog directories

You Carry in blog directories one, evaluated their other blogs, writing comments and be active.


Develops one and several USPs, as unique features that set you apart from competing blogs and communicates them offensively. What makes your blog individual makes for many new readers.

Word for word

That is easier said than done, but straight word-of-mouth propaganda can generate a lot of attention. Unique content, unique promotions, new info, etc.

Guest Articles

Write guest articles in other blogs to demonstrate your know-how, but also to get the readers there to stop by. High-quality guest articles can provide many new readers.

Press Releases

There are several free press portals on the web. There you can submit a press release about important news, great new features, etc. Does not bring masses of visitors, but a little attention.


In thematically appropriate forums, you can present your know-how and introduce yourself as an expert in one area. Again, this is not about simple link dropping, but about helping others. This brings many visitors and increases awareness.


Course you can get visitors also first with AdWords. Look for cheap keywords and lots of them that fit your blog theme.

Banner of

Course you can also switch advertising. There is a popular blog in your industry (or similar) or a much read newsletter? Ask what it costs to rent a text link there.

Meetings / Stammtisch Get out of the house and meet other bloggers. Often, this creates friendships or at least acquaintances that, among other things, also bring your blog on.

Introduces Others

It is useful and important that you include a personal touch in your blog. But it is just as important to present others and get their attention, which is not the only goal.

Lasting success

Of course, the list is not final, and there are certainly other marketing measures for blogs.

It is much more important that you do these things regularly, not just once and never again. Instead, you should learn many of the above measures and make them without much thought always side by side.

Many blogs do not die because the blogger is no longer blogging. After some time, he no longer makes marketing and wonders that it will no longer be readers. And that often demotivates the bloggers concerned.

The next episode of the blog launch series will continue with the topic “Link strategies – how do I correctly link?”.