GeneratePress Theme – The Best and Fastest WordPress Theme

GeneratePress Theme – The Best and Fastest WordPress Theme

Anyone who has ever considered setting up a website will come across things like WordPress(Also, if you want to start a blog). If you’ve been looking for the best WordPress theme for a while, then here’s the solution for you! The GeneratePress theme has entirely convinced me, and I would like to share my experiences in this article. The Generatepress Theme makes it easy to build a well-organized and stylish website. It is well maintained and has excellent user reviews, which, of course, reflects the quality.

In the end, such a theme should bring with it a few settings and more aimed at performance and SEO optimization. And that’s precisely what the Generatepress Theme does. In conjunction with one of the best SEO plugins such as wpSEO, the Generatepress Theme is a rocket. Even beginners can not go wrong with this combination.

Generatepress theme for free?

Of course, it always matters how expensive such a theme is. It is best if it is available for free so that you can try it out first. Often it is then so that the theme itself is available for free, special settings and extensions but cost money.

The user benefit arises from such so-called freemium themes from the business model because the developer of the theme will always take care to keep this up to date. Because the theme provides the basis for the later opportunities that should cost money, so if the Generatepress * theme is not always up-to-date, this, for the author, is not a good basis.

The Generatepress Theme * is one of those themes that are offered for free and thus always up to date.

The Generatepress Theme is free, and also, the author offers theme options as well as features that users can then buy as a complete package or individually.

Also, Generatepress leaves nothing to be desired, as it is entirely responsive. That means for you that the GeneratePress Theme automatically adapts to all smartphones and tablets without you having to adapt it laboriously. The author Tom Usborne maintains his WordPress theme consistently and ensures that it is always updated. 

A Powerful WordPress Theme

GeneratePress is safe
The GP Code has been independently reviewed by WordPress community executives and uses the latest and most robust coding standards.
GeneratePress is user friendly
Usability is critical to your website. GP follows the WCAG 2.0 standards to ensure that your website is not lost in the vastness of the Internet.
Generate Press-independence
If it is not needed, it will not load. This includes jQuery. No rendering-blocking issues anymore!

Generate Press Search engine optimized
Validated HTML, integrated into database and lightning fast load times. GeneratePress gives you a head start on search engines before you even add content.
Generate Press-fastest-wordpress-theme
Speed ​​is one of the most important aspects of a website. Thanks to the small and clean code Generatepress * ensures that your page loads as fast as possible.
Generate Press-wordpress-theme
With GeneratePress you start with the best possible footprint. For this reason, a standard WordPress installation is less than 30 KB in size.

Features of GeneratePress

Generatepress – Settings that await you in this theme

You can choose between two designs in the Generatepress theme. That would be the first “boxed” and the second “full width.” If you choose the setting “boxed,” then all the essential elements use the same width that you have set in advance. The rest of the picture is the general background; here, you can define what this background should look like. For example, you can insert a background image there or enter the background color.

If “full width” is selected, then you can choose here, which elements should use exactly the full window width. Possible elements would be, for example, header, content, menu, or footer. It can also be selected whether the elements should have a distance from each other or not.

For the layout in Generatepress *, you can also specify which position the menu is to occupy, above or below the header, hovering on the header or left in the sidebar. You have no limits, and you can customize the whole Generatepress theme as you like it.

In detail, you can deviate from the preferences for each page you create.

Generatepress theme with Elementor

I’ve been using Generatepress for some time and was looking for a page builder that works and does not cause me any problems. 

After the installation, I quickly realized that the page builder does not like me. There are several problems if you already had a blog and want to add something.

Then it becomes very tedious, and you have to create individual content boxes for each text section to insert something between them. Of course, many errors occur, and you have to copy everything back and forth to get containers at all, and then add something in between.

Elementor – The plugins native

So I was not satisfied and kept searching. Someone told me that Elementor should work very well with GeneratePress. I wanted to convince myself of this and installed Elementor for WordPress* in addition to the Generatepress theme.

Of all the page builders I’ve tried, Elementor is the best. You are free to create websites, and I like the designs very well. The interface is very clear, and even beginners get along quickly.

Generatepress Child Theme

A child theme is a theme that uses the main files of the parent theme unless one of these files (in the root of the child theme) is copied and added to the child theme. In this case, the copied file will be used on your website, so you can make changes to it without touching the child theme.

This is useful when publishing updates to the Child Theme, deleting WordPress from the directory and uploading the new one. Any changes made to the Generatepress Child Theme will be discarded and replaced with the latest updated files.

A Child Theme can also be used to add custom CSS and PHP codes in the style.css and functions.php files. These two child theme files are the only files that should be empty by default (do not copy the parent files). However, if you only want to add CSS or PHP, a child theme is probably not required.

Install Child Theme

If you want to download an empty Child Theme, click here. Save the Child Theme as a ZIP file on your computer to install it. Then go to Appearance> Themes> Add New> Upload and upload the ZIP file.

What options do you expect from the debtor add-ons?

As mentioned above, you also have the option to extend your Generatepress * fee. For this, the author with various add-ons.

All in all, you can buy up to 13 add-ons * that will help you a lot. Many of these applications are related to setting options that could be easily translated via CSS customizations, given that programming language. These would be settings such as color, font, spacing, or even backgrounds. Also, some extensions offer the import and export of the settings made, which could be exciting and vital, if no child theme is created. The settings would thus disappear again and again if an update is performed.

In the end, it depends on what kind of knowledge you have in this area. Because if you can use programming languages ​​like CSS, HTML, and maybe even PHP, then you do not necessarily need these extensions.

If you can not speak such languages, then it is advisable to buy these add-ons *. So you can design and customize your Internet pages down to the smallest detail.

GeneratePress Premium Experience

But in my opinion, this is not a problem, because at first I also used the free GeneratePress theme and always found help in the forum.

Of course, it’s easier to buy the premium version of GeneratePress *, as it will save you a lot of stress and time. You do not have to search all forums to find the appropriate code. The price for this powerful and fast WordPress theme is a bargain. Once you’ve purchased GeneratePress Premium, you can use it on an unlimited number of websites.

Simply install GeneratePress Premium

Can you customize your Generatepress theme without extra payments?

If you’ve read the text up to here, then you’ll have learned that it’s also possible to customize Generatepress * without purchasing the paid add-ons.

For example, a header image is possible only with such an add-on. But there is also the option of inserting a header image without this add-on – this method is also relatively simple.

A header image is only available on the start page with a maximum of about 400 pixels. Below this picture appears the primary navigation.

You can then make settings so that the navigation remains fixed and always comes down when the user scrolls down. The header image is then displayed only on the startup screen and not on all other pages.

The paid version – Generatepress Premium

Many users of such themes have the problem that the themes in the paid version are quite heavily overloaded with additional plug-ins and also set options.

With Generatepress Premium*, it is something else because this theme is clearly designed, not too expensive, and thus not overloaded with all sorts of plugins.

You will then be able to change colors without coding. You can also have your blogs displayed in columns and thus create a clearer design of your website.

For developers, it is also very worth mentioning, because you get a general license and can change everything without coding. These are all points that make the Generate Premium recommendable and comfortable.

Conclusion about using the Generatepress Theme and Generatepress Premium

If you take a look at all aspects of the Generatepress theme *, you’ll notice that it’s all in all highly recommended. It is a free theme in the base, which makes the construction of a website much easier. Also, it is easy to use and looks pretty tidy. Even for beginners, the theme is recommended, they can customize everything there, without even having to master the programming languages.

In addition to the free version of Generatepress, you can also buy the so-called Generatepress Premium. This paid version of the theme brings just the plugins that are useful for beginners and makes designing much easier. There can then be made in many useful settings. These settings substantially enhance and enhance the design of the website.

The price for the Generatepress Premium is kept within limits and does not make the account much easier for Euros or Dollars.

In the end, one can say that it is worthwhile to look at the Generatepress Theme and to try it out because Generatepress is suitable for beginners as well.