Email Marketing Tools: The Most Important Providers

Email Marketing Tools: The Most Important Providers

Anyone who sends large amounts of emails as a newsletter, for example, either needs a professional tool or an online provider. We introduce you to the most important providers.

Email marketing enables companies to have direct Contact with their customers and is, therefore, one of the most important pillars of online marketing. The right software is the be-all and end-all for successful email marketing. The market is large, and the choice is not necessarily easy. We have, therefore, put together a selection of promising tool providers for you.

Email Marketing Tools: Provider to get started right away

A number of providers must first request an offer or request test access. Other tools can be used directly, and their features can be tested immediately. In order to make it easier for quick decision-makers to get started, we have summarized the providers accordingly:


Cleverreach, like almost all representatives, offers features such as registration forms for the website, recipient management, reports and analyzes of the recipients, automatic emails via autoresponder, design and spam tests and A / B split tests. In addition, you can also create campaigns and dynamic RSS campaigns, which can also be analyzed via reports.

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The service has a tidy and user-friendly interface that should make it easier to get started. Cleverreach also has an integrated double opt-in process and unsubscribe links and is therefore easy to use in compliance with the GDPR.

Cleverreach offers a free test account with which 1,000 emails per month can be sent to 250 recipients. The functionality of the test account is limited. If you want to use more storage space for images, A / B testing, design templates and other features, you can switch to a monthly tariff. These are graded according to the number of recipients. It starts with 250 addressees for nine euros per month. The largest package for 900 euros a month includes 100,000 recipients.

Clever elements

Clever Elements can have a considerable number of references. For example, Amnesty International, Betahaus, Siemens, Dräger, IBM and Adecco use the service, which offers a range of features similar to Cleverreach.

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With Clever Elements, you are also on the safe side when it comes to GDPR because with the tool provides you have the option, among other things, of concluding an agreement for order processing according to GDPR directly in your account.
Clever Elements can be tested for 30 days free of charge and then offers either a monthly or a credit tariff. With the monthly model, the recipient is billed accordingly – the mails per month are unlimited. For example, 100 recipients cost five euros per month, up to 500 costs 15 euros, and 100,000 recipients cost 870 euros per month.


The provider Rapidmail offers you a simple drag-and-drop editor and more than 250 design templates for the design of your mailings. In the dashboard, you will find lots of data to evaluate your email marketing afterward. There is also a Google Analytics integration for an even more thorough analysis.

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In addition to a simple form for order processing, Rapidmail offers you a wide range of support that you can use to make your email marketing GDPR-compliant.

Also, Rapid mail you offers the choice between a fixed monthly fee or a charge per mailing. In the latter, for example, you pay 16 euros for a mailing with up to 2,000 recipients. Alternatively, you can opt for a monthly flat rate. It costs nine euros per month for up to 500 recipients, 12.80 euros for up to 1,000 recipients and 16.60 euros for up to 1,500 recipients. If you need more contingent, Rapidmail will create an individual offer for you.


Sendinblue offers you an email editor with which you can create and personalize mailings using drag-and-drop. The tool also provides you with real-time reports that show you data on the opening and click rate, among other things. A target group cluster analysis also helps you to compare different recipient groups with one another to find out which type of mailing performs best for which target group.

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Sendinblue offers three different pricing models: Free, Lite and Premium, which offer a different range of services. With the free version, 300 emails can be sent per day, and unlimited contacts can be saved. The prices of the lite and premium versions vary depending on the number of emails and start at 19 or 49 euros per month.


Getresponse offers many features, including video email marketing and extensive integration into social media. From 13 euros a month, mailings can be sent to up to 1,000 recipients.

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The prices then vary depending on the number of recipients and the scope of services.


In addition to the usual features, the US service Icontact also offers apps for iPhone and Android. In addition, Icontact enables the integration of various apps and software, such as Paypal, Woocommerce, Shopify or Salesforce. Otherwise, Icontact offers all the features you would expect from a mailing tool: drag-and-drop editor, automation, personalization, A / B tests and reporting.
The prices for Icontact are graded according to the number of recipients.

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The cheapest package includes 500 recipients and costs $ 15 if paid monthly. Individual packages are put together for broadcasters; Non-profit organizations receive a 20 percent discount.

Campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to easily develop personalized customer journeys and create suitable mailings for them. The lock function for individual elements of the email template is particularly interesting for teamwork. This means that everyone involved can only edit the segments of an email for which they are actually responsible.

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The Campaign Monitor basic package includes 2,500 emails per month with up to 500 recipients and costs 9 euros.


One of the most well-known services for email marketing is Mailchimp. Mailchimp reports can be combined with Google Analytics statistics – this way, users can get ROI results for every campaign. You can also monitor your campaigns with Mailchimp Mobile from almost any mobile phone, including the iPhone.

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Mailchimp is free of charge for up to 2,000 recipients and up to 12,000 emails per month.


A-Weber can be linked to various other sites – including Facebook, Paypal, Leadpages and WordPress. This way, it is possible to keep in touch as soon as you have received the address from someone on the platforms mentioned. The tool also helps you to design suitable landing pages for your mailings.

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A-Weber is available from $ 19 a month, depending on the number of recipients required.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an intuitive mailing tool that has all the important standard functions. Together with the moderate pricing model, it is ideally suited for smaller companies who are looking for an easy entry into email marketing.

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Constant Contact can be tested free of charge for one month. The conventional tariff then starts at 18 euros per month for up to 500 recipients. If you want to use custom templates, it starts at 40 euros for up to 500 recipients.

Is a Email Marketing tool missing?

This overview is just a small selection from the wide range of email marketing tools. If you miss your own service or know a great tool that is not listed, please let us know via the comments.