Elementor WordPress Page Builder – Web Design Can Be So Easy!

Elementor WordPress Page Builder – Web Design Can Be So Easy!

What are the Elementor pros and cons? What errors can I encounter while using Elementor? How can the most popular WordPress page builder be extended?

The page builders have a bad reputation in the WordPress community. The additional source code, which enables easy handling, often hurts the loading times of the website.

The dependency is often criticized, as it is not possible to keep the layout or (with some plugins even) at least the content after deactivating the plugin. Whenever possible, I also tried to forego the use of page builders to save myself the unnecessary code overhead. But then came Elementor.

What makes Elementor special?

There are many reasons to choose this plugin. Here are the main Elementor benefits:


Anyone who has ever used a page builder may be familiar with the following situation: you drag and drop an element onto the website’s appropriate area, and the cog turns.

The coffee has been roasted, ground, brewed, and drunk, and the wheel is still turning, not so with Elementor. Every change is immediately visible. In the past few weeks and months, I have never seen the live update not work immediately.

Easy to handle

This little gif animation also serves as a transition to the next benefit. Elementor is very easy and intuitive to use. Clicking on the “Edit with Elementor” button in the admin area takes you to the website’s front view.

On the left side are the available widgets; on the right side are the areas into which the widgets are dragged. To edit an element, click on it on the right, and the available settings will open on the left.


Even the free version of Elementor can easily compete with many premium page builders. You can especially expand the widgets in the free version with additional free add-ons (see below). In the future, there will certainly be more widgets both from Elementor Team itself and from third parties.

Lots of templates

Maybe you know the homepage templates from different hosting providers who consistently disregard every rule of good design. At Elementor, the templates are really impressive, even the free templates. They offer an ideal starting point for all newcomers to familiarize themselves with the plugin’s setting options. In addition, the design process can be extremely shortened with the help of the templates.

What happens if you deactivate the Elementor plugin?

Unlike many other page builders, Elementor does not leave a multitude of shortcodes after deactivating the plugin. If you decide later in time, for whatever reason, not to use the plugin anymore, you will be left with an unstyled HTML page with all the content. Depending on your own CSS skills, the page’s look can then be polished up again relatively easily.

You could even transfer the styles of the page builder to your own stylesheet before uninstalling Elementor. This trick would keep the design of the page and even optimize the performance.

Extensions/add-ons for Elementor

As soon as a plugin has achieved a certain level of awareness and popularity, many developers program additional addons for the plugin. This is also the case with Elementor. Here are 3 popular plugins that provide several addons for Elementor:

Essential Addons Elementor from Codetic

The plugin Essential Addons Elementor of Codetic includes the date of publication of this article 7 free addons. The “Post Grid” and the “Creative Buttons” addon should be emphasized here. Personally, I don’t like the implementation of the “Timeline” function that much because it is not a continuous timeline, but only 2 posts are connected.

Addons for Elementor by Elementor Addons (livemesh)

Addons for Elementor extends the free version of the Page Builder by 13 additional add-ons. “Post Grid” is also on board here, as is the “Price Tables” addon. In addition, the plugin can enhance your website with animated “pie charts,” “counter readings,” “skill bars,” or “post carousels.”

Elementor Pro for even more design freedom

Despite the many great features of the free version or precisely because the free plugin is so convincing, it is also worth taking a look at Elementor PRO. With more than 30 premium widgets, more than 75 premium website templates, global setting options, etc., the workflow can be extremely shortened, and wonderful results achieved without having to write a line of code yourself.

There is always a special offer for Elementor PRO. The best thing to do is to check out our offer and voucher page regularly.

The best WordPress themes for Elementor

The Elementor website has a selection of free and premium WordPress themes that work well with Elementor. In general, Elementor should work with every theme, as it also contains its own page template (Elementor Canvas). This means that every page can be transformed into an Elementor page. Among other things, I tried the following themes with the plugin:


The GeneratePress WordPress theme is definitely a great choice when it comes to free themes. Due to its “light construction,” it helps websites to load quickly. Even the premium version is cheap and comes with a fair license that is valid indefinitely.

I find it a little disappointing that you have to style the premium header in the backend and not in the customizer. GeneratePress works very well with Elementor. However, it is more difficult to implement a design across the full width of the screen


I would say that the reviews alone speak for themselves. There is hardly any other theme that only has 5-star ratings! Of all the WordPress themes that I have tried, OceanWP works best with the Elementor plugin. It even looks like it was specially designed for Elementor.

But even without using the Page Builder, the OceanWP theme should not be missing on any leaderboard of free WordPress themes. The free version already includes settings like no other free theme with numerous premium features. With the PRO version of OceanWP, you can even add further functionalities to your website, such as B. Add Sticky Header and Footer, as well as 10 other great Elementor widgets.

My favorite: Astra

The many setting options of OceanWP could lead to confusion, especially for WordPress beginners. If you want to keep it a bit more minimalistic, I recommend the Astra theme.

Here, too, you get the feeling that the theme was specially developed for Elementor. With less than 50 kB and SEO-optimized source code, the chances are great to create a fast website and achieve a good ranking with the search engines.

Possible errors when using Elementor

So far, I have noticed the following errors when using Elementor:

Elementor and white screen

As you can see in the screenshot above, after clicking on the “Edit with Elementor” button, the front view opens with the widgets on the left and the widget area on the right. In some cases, however, the right side is completely white. If this is the case for you too, chances are you’re using an outdated browser. The solution to the problem is simply to use a modern browser such as to use the latest version of Firefox.

Drag & drop function of Elementor widgets doesn’t work.

But problems can still arise with modern browsers. With the new Microsoft browser, Edge z. B. the drag & drop function does not work, and the Elementor widgets cannot be dragged to the right area. Again, I recommend using a different browser (preferably Firefox).


Because of the mentioned advantages of Elementor, I decided to integrate the Page Builder on all customer websites. In my opinion, the plugin is a real “game-changer” for WordPress. All undecided users who are not yet in agreement about which CMS they want to use would have to choose WordPress because of Elementor alone.

I advise all founders and small business owners who are considering creating their own website with an 08/15 website builder to use the Page Builder to view beforehand. No website builder can keep up with that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Elementor asserts itself among the various free as well as premium page builders and builds its own ecosystem with numerous addons and themes within the WordPress community in the near future.