Duplicate WordPress Pages: Copy Content With 1 Click

Duplicate WordPress Pages: Copy Content With 1 Click

WP offers some useful features. But what I often miss: you can neither copy posts nor duplicate WordPress pages. This can save you a lot of time!

But of course, there are some plugins for exactly this task that I would like to introduce to you.

Especially when you are creating a new website, creating new pages can take a lot of time. Often the layout remains the same, while only the content has to be changed.

But you can easily accelerate this workflow! All you have to do is install a plugin, and you can then duplicate entire WordPress pages with a click.

So you only have to create a page design once and can then use it as a template for other pages.

Of course, this doesn’t only work with pages. You can use the same principle for posts and custom post types (e.g. portfolios, events).

If you don’t just want to duplicate individual pages, but an entire website, you can use the Duplicator plugin. You can use it to create a 1: 1 copy, i.e. a clone, of the website.

Duplicate WordPress pages via plugin

There are a number of plugins for copying WordPress pages and posts.

All tools offer you almost the same functions. With 1 click, you can copy the content of entire WordPress pages and posts. There are only a few small differences in the detailed settings.

Yoast Duplicate Post

Duplicate Post is one of the most popular plugins if you want to duplicate individual WordPress pages. I’ve been using it for many years on various websites and have never had any problems with it. It does its job quickly and easily!

It was recently taken over by Yoast and is expected to have new features soon.

Duplicate Page

Duplicate Page is also a recommended plugin for duplicating WordPress pages. It offers almost the same options and functions as Duplicate Post.

Duplicate Post Page Menu & Custom Post Type

With Duplicate Post Page Menu, you can’t just duplicate pages. Because with this tool, you can make several copies in one go. In the free version of the plugin, the number is limited to 5 copies. But that should be enough in any case.

Another useful function with this plugin is the duplication of the menu. With this, you can copy your WordPress menus with a click.

Duplicate Page and Post

Do you want to tweak the plugin settings as little as possible? Then Duplicate Page and Post is the right tool for you. You can use it to clone pages without any frills.

WP widget clipboard

With WP Widget Clipboard you cannot copy pages or posts. But you can use it to quickly and easily duplicate widgets.

I use Widget Options Extended on my page for better widget management. With this, I can also copy my widgets with one click.

Duplicate Post Quick Start Guide

In my quick guide, I’ll show you how you can quickly and easily duplicate WordPress pages with Duplicate Post.

Install Duplicate Post

  1. First, you have to install the WordPress plugin and then activate it.

Duplicate a post or page

  1. In the menu> Pages or> Posts, you will now find two new options under the respective Post.
  2. With a click on Duplicate, the entire contribution is duplicated.
  3. If you choose New Draft, a copy will also be made.
  4. But you then land directly in the WordPress editor and can edit the article right away.

Duplicate of the Post created

  1. You can find the copied Post as a draft in the post overview.

Advanced settings of Duplicate Post

In addition to copying pages and posts, you can also use Duplicate Post to duplicate other Custom Post Types.

In the plugin settings, you can specify this with just a few clicks.

Define contribution types

Under> Settings> Duplicate Post> Permissions you can set which post types should be copied.

Here you choose which post types should be copied.

So not only the standard posts from WordPress but also custom post types. For me, it works fine with the templates from OceanWP and Elementor.

You can also determine which user role is allowed to use the copy function.

Define content elements

In the “Copy the following” tab, you can also specify which content should be taken into account when duplicating.

In the first tab, you specify exactly where to duplicate.

You can also save an abbreviation for the copied pages. For example, I often use the prefix “copy”.

This will automatically mark the duplicated page with this abbreviation. So it is immediately visible that it is a copy and you get less confused.

Display options

In the tab “Display” you can activate further options. Very useful for some: the display directly above in the admin bar.

Duplicate Post latches into the Admin Bar.

Copy content with Gutenberg

If you don’t want to install another plugin and just want to quickly copy the content, you can also use the Gutenberg Editor.

To do this, simply open the post or page that you want to copy. Then click on the 3 points at the top right and click on Copy complete content.

In the Gutenberg Editor, you can also duplicate the content of posts and WordPress pages.

Next, you create a new page or a post and paste in the copied content.

It’s not quite as comfortable as copying via a plugin, but it also works very well with simple content.


I use a plugin for duplicating pages in almost every project. It just saves a lot of time when building a website. It doesn’t matter which of the many tools you use because they all do their job quickly and easily.