Divi Theme- The Best WordPress Theme of 2020? [Review]

The Divi theme is a WordPress template by Elegant Themes that enables users to build modern websites with the visual drag-and-drop Divi Page Builder. For many, the template is one of the best WordPress themes. Knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS or PHP is not required when creating a WordPress website with the template. Divi comes with 46 pre-built modules and hundreds of free layout templates.

Each element can be customized. Thanks to updates, the theme is regularly expanded with functions. Elegant Themes was founded by founder & CEO Nick Roach as a WordPress theme shop back in 2008 and has developed into an industry leader. The theme itself saw the light of day on December 11, 2013.

The template is particularly suitable for beginners because it is very flexible and adaptable, but still easy to use, there is excellent technical support, updates are easy to perform, and it is Google Mobile-friendly.

Short & compact: That’s what defines the theme

The popular WordPress theme is a real jack-of-all-trades. The integrated page builder enables the creation of high-quality WordPress websites. Regular updates also ensure that there are always new functions. In the following, I have summarized the most important details of the layout for you.

  • Buyers of the layout rave about the ease of use. Everything can be easily set using the theme options; you don’t have to write your code.
  • Compared to free themes, the theme offers a significantly larger range of functions.
  • The theme is, of course, compatible with WordPress 5.0.
  • Of course, Divi has a responsive design. This means that the theme adapts to all screen sizes responsively.
  • Almost any idea can be implemented with numerous extensions. One example is the free additional plug-in Bloom, which can be used to integrate pop-ups where the visitor has to enter his e-mail address (including opt-in), for example.
  • The WordPress Divi theme comes with numerous templates (layouts) with which individual pages can be designed.
  • The theme is also well set up in terms of multimedia – photos and videos can be integrated into next to no time.
  • Social media: Divi has functions with which its own social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram can also be integrated into the website.

Numerous features thanks to Divi Builder

For a quick and easy start, the popular WordPress theme contains 6 demos and over 20 layout templates to choose from. With the installation of the demo data, a professionally designed website is available within a few minutes.

The integrated Divi Visual Builder provides ready-made and fully functional landing page layouts in which each individual element can be adapted. The features are very useful. The Divi Builder contains 46 content modules for the individual creation of pages. There are separate modules for different page elements, which are simply dragged and dropped (like in the classic WordPress Page Builder ) into the desired area.

Additional themes and plugins

If you choose Divi, you receive not only the WordPress theme itself, but also other templates and plugins. This includes, for example, the Extra Theme or the Bloom plugin, which can be used to create popups for your own newsletter.

Each of these modules is fully customizable and can be configured differently. These 46 content modules contain the most frequently used elements of a website such as buttons, sliders, images/videos, text, calling up actions, etc. With the library function of the Divi theme, the modules can be saved and reused if necessary.

Since the Divi Builder can be used on any number of websites, saved modules can be transferred from one website to another using an import-export function. The Divi Visual Builder enables full control over the appearance of a website. The design of each individual page element can be managed and adapted to find the really appropriate design for the website. Adding elements is very easy.

Drag & Drop in the front end

The front end is easy and intuitive to work with, i.e. there is no need to navigate back and forth between a dashboard and the front end. Texts can be formatted directly in the front end, and there is also an option to manage fonts.

With this Page Builder, every detail of the page can be controlled, starting with the distance and padding management to the text and image upload. All changes are displayed in real-time, and all functions can also be applied to other, non-Divi themes.

Examples: Divi in ​​action

Divi is a so-called multi-concept theme (or multi-purpose theme ) for company websites, blogs, online portfolio pages and private homepages. The template can also be used as a Wdules can be saved and reused if necessary.ooCommerce theme and thus also enables the creation of e-commerce shops with a modern layout.

The design and content creation of websites is completely controlled via an intuitive front-end editing interface. Countless web designers and WordPress freelancers already use Divi to create websites.

Thanks to a group of independent developers who have combined years of knowledge of advanced CSS styling and JavaScript functions into easy-to-use tools, a collection of powerful plugins is available for Divi websites.

In addition to the official support from Elegant Themes, there is a huge community on the Internet for the exchange of experiences and mutual support.

Buy and download the theme.

According to the developer, over 550,000 users have already opted for the Divi WordPress theme. The Divi Theme can only be purchased in the form of membership directly from the theme shop’s homepage.

This includes the download of Divi, 86 other WordPress themes (e.g. the extra theme) and 3 WordPress plugins. There are two different pricing models to choose from.

Annual or one-time payment

Here you have the choice of purchasing Divi and the extras either annually or in the form of a one-off payment. The annual package is $ 89 per year, while the lifetime membership is available as a one-time payment for $ 249.

As already described above, the membership fee includes unlimited use of all Elegant Themes products, i.e. all layouts and themes, on any number of websites. Every update of the theme is also included. The template is also ideal for freelancers or agencies who want to use the Divi theme for customers.

30-day money-back guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Divi and the developer’s other products after purchasing, you can also rely on the 30-day money-back guarantee. The provider easily refunds the purchase price paid within a very short time.

If you need help setting up the premium theme, you will find one or two tutorials on the developer’s website. Using these instructions, even a layperson should be able to quickly and easily design an attractive website.

Divi Theme and SEO

The important question that everyone should ask when choosing a new layout for their site: Has the theme been developed to be SEO-friendly?

The developer of the Divi theme has, of course, done a good job here. The theme is basically a search engine friendly and makes it possible to create a well-optimized website.

The template also works flawlessly with well-known SEO plugins such as SEO YOAST or Rankmath. So nothing stands in the way of a good website with high visibility.

Note – A good WordPress theme naturally only forms the basis of a visible, search engine optimized website. For real success in SEO, however, it is essential to understand the basics and provide visitors with good, helpful content.

In terms of loading time, a wonder weapon like Divi always has a small disadvantage; after all, the large range of functions simply requires resources. The loading time is also an important aspect in search engine optimization in 2020. With the appropriate caching plugins, you can also create a fast, high-performance website with the Divi Theme.

Frequently asked questions about the template.

There are some questions about the WordPress Divi template that are asked again and again. I have, therefore tried to answer the most important questions.

What is the Divi theme?

The Divi theme is a WordPress template from Elegant Themes. It is very popular precisely because, with the included page builder and the countless setting options, it enables almost all types of websites to be implemented.

Who does the Divi theme?

Elegant Themes develop the Divi theme. Behind it is founder Nick Roach and meanwhile a large number of employees.

What is the Divi Builder?

The Divi-Builder is the integrated page builder of the Divi-Theme.

How expensive is the Divi theme?

The Divi theme costs $ 89 when paid annually. If you want to pay once, you can get the template for 249 US dollars in the lifetime license.

Is there a Divi developer license?

The normal license enables unlimited use of the Divi Theme for customers. So there is no need for a developer license for Divi.

Where can I buy the Divi theme?

The Divi theme can only be purchased on the provider’s website. I strongly advise against providers who offer the theme significantly cheaper based on the GPL license.

Tip: Layouts for the Divi theme

To simplify the use of the template and to help customers with website creation, the theme developer regularly publishes various layout packs on the blog. Some of these layouts are also part of the integrated page builder and can be imported directly into the backend. These each contain a wide variety of designs, for example, prefabricated templates. These then only have to be filled with your content and used directly. The selection is large; at least one layout is available for almost every application.

Child template for Divi

Child themes have long ceased to be indispensable only for real hardcore developers. For a long time, users of Divi Themes have wanted the developer Elegant Themes to provide such a child theme for download.

Unfortunately, there is still no ready-made child template in version 4 in the download package. The developer only refers to detailed instructions in the in-house blog. So that you don’t have to do the work yourself, I have already created the right child theme for you and make it available for download free of charge. Use is, of course, at your own risk.

Problems with the Divi theme

Of course, Divi also has its downsides. The egg-laying woolly milk pig without disadvantages will ultimately not be found in the themes for WordPress. I have summarized common problems with Divi for you as follows:

  • Lock-in effect: Because both the theme and the integrated Divi Builder come from Elegant Themes, you naturally make yourself dependent on the manufacturer.
  • Security gaps: The Divi theme is one of the best-selling WordPress themes and therefore, of course, also a target for attackers. However, Elegant Themes support regularly provides timely updates.
  • Complexity: Even if the Divi theme is also aimed at beginners, the range of functions can be overwhelming. Elegant Themes provides documentation and a tutorial with which the handling of the theme can be learned step by step.
  • Overloaded: Divi is quite overloaded, especially for more savvy WordPress users. No wonder, after all, Elegant Themes wants to include every target group with these features. The developer tries to counteract this problem with updates.

Criticism: the size of the theme and Divi Builder

The main point of criticism is certainly the size of the theme. After all, all the functions require a lot of different resources, Javascript and CSS. As a result, even a simple website built with Divi requires that countless, unnecessary template files still have to be loaded. This not only results in a slower backend, but the website also has to load longer for your visitors.

Helpful support

If you have problems with the Divi Theme, the experienced support from Elegant Themes will be happy to help. In my personal tests, I always got an answer to my e-mails within a very short time if I had questions or problems.

The only remedy here is a corresponding WordPress plugin for optimizing loading times, which eliminates the disadvantage of the Divi theme. Compared to an (expensive) in-house development, Divi will never achieve a perfect, short charging time. So if you want to use the range of functions of the Divi theme, you have to bite the bullet here.

Conclusion: My opinion on the Divi Theme

As part of my work as a WordPress freelancer and in an agency specializing in WordPress, I have, of course also be able to gain experience with the popular WordPress template. I am not only creating simple blogs and websites for smaller companies with Divi, but I am also very familiar with Divi in ​​use with WooCommerce.

One of the biggest advantages of the WordPress template is certainly the variety of features. Almost every idea can be implemented with that design and the associated page builder. With helpful tutorials, the developer also easily shows how this works. When it comes to search engine optimization, the Divi Theme doesn’t need to hide, even if the loading time can suffer from great possibilities and functions.

Advantages of Divi

  • attractive appearance and modern layouts
  • of course compatible with WordPress 5.0
  • an unbelievable number of possibilities to individualize your own website
  • Comprehensive page builder (theme builder) included
  • simple and largely self-explanatory operation
  • SEO-optimized structure
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Well-known theme author with good support (including regular Divi updates and good tutorials)
  • huge community and addons ( child themes, extensions, …)

Disadvantages of Divi

  • slightly higher in price than other themes.
  • Opportunities can quickly become overwhelming.
  • somewhat bloated requires additional plugins (e.g. caching)
  • later switching to other WordPress designs with your own page builder is only possible with great difficulty

On the whole, I can therefore recommend the Divi Theme especially for beginners and advanced users in the world of the popular content management system WordPress. To create a stylish, modern website that is also optimized for mobile devices, you hardly need any in-depth prior knowledge (e.g. in web development). In my test, such a website can be created in no time with just a few clicks and is absolutely presentable.

Real professionals, on the other hand, will certainly be able to create good websites with the Divi Theme but are certainly better served with a framework like Genesis and the even greater possibilities it offers. So here you should think about it before you decide to buy Divi.

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