All About Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) In Google Ads

Google Dynamic search Ads

Google automatically displays dynamic ads based on on-page content. The basis for deciding which search queries are relevant for which products or services form the organic Google search index. The use of dynamic search ads can be particularly useful. If the offer on the website is so extensive that purely keyword-related campaigns cannot represent it … Read moreAll About Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) In Google Ads

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Facebook Advertising

advantage and disadvantage facebook ads

Facebook Ads have many advantages and a few disadvantages. If you are active in online marketing, there is hardly any way around the social network and its advertising opportunities for companies anyway. Costs When it comes to Facebook Ads costs, the big advantage is cost control. The daily or term budget, as well as the … Read moreAdvantages and Disadvantages Of Facebook Advertising

8 Steps To The Ideal Keyword Research For Google Ads

keyword research

The search engine Google has dominated the advertising landscape in search networks in the world for years with a market share of over 90% of search queries. The B2B industry is a particular case due to its complex products. To harmonize the unique features of B2B communication with Google’s requirements for Google Ads, a few … Read more8 Steps To The Ideal Keyword Research For Google Ads

Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

facebook ads guide

What are Facebook Ads? Facebook Ads are paid advertisements that are placed on the platform of companies and are played out by Facebook according to the targeting set to its users. The goal of Facebook advertising is to get the target group to perform the desired conversion (interaction, click, landing page call, lead or purchase). … Read moreFacebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide

The little Google Ads Guide 2020

google ads guide

What are Google Ads? Google Ads (formerly  Google Adwords ) is by far the most popular SEA system in the world and is constantly being expanded by Google and optimized with new applications. Billing is optionally based on Pay per Click ( PPC ) in the Google Display Network ( GDN ) but also via CPM (per thousand impressions). Google Ads Guide Have you created many AdWords accounts, and are you already a … Read moreThe little Google Ads Guide 2020