6 reasons for missing conversions in Google Analytics

Why do I often miss 20-25% of Google Analytics conversions or transactions? I have noticed several times for myself that goals that are set up, again and again, are not tracked in Google Analytics, although other systems (own customer systems) clearly show the achievement of goals. This article is about how such discrepancies occur. Missing … Read more6 reasons for missing conversions in Google Analytics

Switching to Google Analytics 4


What’s new in Google Analytics 4? What should you watch out for when switching? In October 2020, Google introduced the new Google Analytics 4. The previous version is not necessarily known as Google Analytics 3, but rather as Universal Analytics. Since then, Google has marketed the new version very strongly, and so you naturally ask … Read moreSwitching to Google Analytics 4

Custom Reports in Google Analytics

Would you like to create meaningful reports with Google Analytics? No problem. In this article, we cover all the steps necessary to create and work with custom reports. What are custom reports? With numerous standards reports, Google Analytics already offers you many options for evaluations and dashboards. But as soon as you have individual requirements … Read moreCustom Reports in Google Analytics

Session and Page Views in Google Analytics

Sessions and page views – newbies and occasional users in particular often have difficulties finding their way around the terminology of this tool in the world of Google Analytics. Learn how Google Analytics defines sessions and page views in this article. Information about sessions in Google Analytics A session is a group of interactions that … Read moreSession and Page Views in Google Analytics