Bluehost Experience – A Review 2020

Whether you want to create a blog or a website, you cannot avoid this question: Which hosting provider is the best? 

In 2003 Matt Heaton founded the company “Bluehost” and answered that question. At least for over 2 million website and blog operators worldwide. Thousands of online entrepreneurs join the Bluehost family every day. Today I would like to introduce you to the company in this review, so you can decide whether Bluehost as a hosting and domain provider for you is the right choice.

To create a website or blog, you first have to register your domain ( and then share it with your hosting provider. This will put your website on one of its servers, and you can start building your site.

You usually need two providers for this (one for domain registration and one for hosting).

Bluehost offers both. And at an unbeatable price.


Bluehost at a glance:

  1. Hosting and Domain for only $ 3.95 / month (instead of $ 7.99)
  2. # 1 recommended web hosting provider of WordPress; One-click WordPress installation
  3. Money-back guaranteein the first month
  4. 24/7 expert support
  5. secure, fast and reliable hosting

Facts – The features BlueHost from

1. Always online – High uptime – 99.98% (2 hours / year)

What does a website bring if interested users can not access it?

When choosing your hosting provider, you should definitely pay attention to the operating time, even “uptime”. This tells you how often the website can not be reached. That happens when the hosting provider needs to make changes to their servers.

Bluehost’s uptime is far beyond the standard of the hosting industry. Over 99.98% of the time her page is online. That’s only about 2 hours a year.

2. Lightning Fast – Fast Page Load Times (~ 552ms)

74% – or around three-quarters of all website visitors leave your page if it’s not loaded within 2-3 seconds.

Your  Google ranking also depends to a large extent on the load time of your page. Google only wants to give its users the best possible results. A page that has long load times annoys the user. Therefore, Google tests the load times and raises your page accordingly high or low in the search results.

To improve the loading time of your website, you can reduce the quality of your images or use specific plug-ins.

But even more important is the quality of the servers of your hosting provider. This determines the load time of your page significantly. (The better the server, the faster the communication between user and server).

With Bluehost, you need not worry about making.

The high-quality and technically perfect servers allow a load time of 552 milliseconds on average!

Here is a look behind the scenes of Bluehost:

3. Instant Start – One-click WordPress installation

To create your website or blog, the content management system (CMS) WordPress is suitable. With WordPress, your creativity knows no bounds. Without any previous technical knowledge, you can create classic – but also sophisticated – websites.

Your hosting provider should allow you to install WordPress on your site so you can get started right away.

Bluehost makes it as easy as almost no one else: With just one click WordPress is installed and you’re ready to go.

bluehost plan

4. One heart and one soul – WordPress & Bluehost

If you want to create a website or blog with WordPress, Bluehost is the right choice as a hosting provider. recommends Bluehost as the # 1 hosting provider, demonstrating its confidence in the product.

5. Unbeatable – Hosting & Domain for only $ 3.95 / month

Hand on heart – most bloggers or website operators will earn little or no money with their sites in the first few months.

Therefore, Bluehost’s very favourable tariff is a huge plus point for most page owners.

With less than $49 a year (!) You can host your website. As soon as you earn your first money with your pages, this amount is negligible.

The great thing: In addition to the hosting, you get a domain completely free! For most other providers you have to buy this extra, or book with another provider.

Also, you get your money back in the first 30 days.

If you are not 100% sure of Bluehost within the first month, you will get your money back in full.

Recommend – 

If you want to create a website or a blog, Bluehost as a hosting and domain provider is the right choice.

Especially if you want to work with WordPress, you can rely on the service of Bluehost.

With the very responsive entry-level tariff, Bluehost makes it possible for anyone to enjoy high-quality web hosting 

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