Best Yoast SEO Alternative for 2020

Best Yoast SEO Alternative for 2020

Have you heard of Rank Math? This is a free SEO plugin that offers a huge number of useful functions. And so it is a real alternative to Yoast. You can find the most important features and a brief comparison of the two plugins in my post.

Rank Math has been touted as the insider tip by many bloggers for some time.

Something like that makes me rather skeptical. But at the same time, curious.

So I exchanged the SEO plugin for the tried and tested Yoast on a rather unimportant website because I hate to risk SEO.

And the relatively unknown newcomer immediately agreed! I liked not only the functions but also the handling and the optics.

Since my experience with Rankmath was absolutely positive even after 6 months, I changed this website some time ago.

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About Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a fairly new SEO plugin developed by Mythemeshop. Mythemeshop has been offering themes and plugins for WordPress for a long time. The SEO-optimized theme scheme or the WP Review plugin are particularly well known.

Although the SEO tool has only been around since 2018, it already has a lot of fans. And there are more every day. Why? Quite simply: It offers a lot more functions than the common SEO plugins and is also free of charge.

You can download the self-proclaimed “Swiss Army Knife for WordPress SEO” for free from the plugin directory.

Rank Math Pro

There is currently no paid version of Rank Math. But a premium version is planned. It is not yet known what this will cost and what functions it will offer.

Nevertheless, Rank Math remains free with all its features.

The top features of Rank Math

In addition to the usual basic settings, Rankmath offers many additional and practical features. Exactly these are not included with most of the other providers. And if you do, you have to buy a premium version for it.

Here are the most important features and a brief comparison with Yoast.

Save plugins

A big advantage of Rank Math: Some plugins are superfluous.

Because Rank Math already contains functions that are otherwise covered by extra tools.

Here are some examples:

  • Redirect plugin
  • Nofollow plugin for links
  • Scheme plugin
  • XML sitemaps
  • Breadcrumb plugin

Scheme markup – rich snippets

Using structured data for your content has many advantages. Rich snippets make it easier for search engines to understand your content better & faster. And maybe your snippet will stand out more in the search results and improve your ranking.

I have already tested various Rich Snippets plugins. Now I don’t need anymore. Because Rank Math already has the most important markups.

You can currently use the following rich snippets:

  • items
  • book
  • course
  • event
  • Jobs
  • music
  • product
  • recipe
  • restaurant
  • Video
  • person
  • service
  • Software application
  • FAQ scheme
  • HowTo scheme

FAQ scheme

The FAQ schema has also recently become available. You can easily install it over a Gutenberg block.

Google Autosuggest

The autosuggest function is really very helpful. If you enter your focus keyword, you will automatically get keyword suggestions from the Google search. So you no longer have to use Google search.

To be able to use this function, you must first register at

Multiple focus keywords

Do you want to optimize your posts for multiple keywords? No problem! Because with Rank Math, you can enter up to 5 focus keywords.

At Yoast, this is only possible in the premium version.

Redirect Manager

Broken links appear on every website. But so that the user does not receive an error message, you should redirect the links.

There are, of course, a lot of plugins for that too. Rank Math already includes a redirect manager. And also a 404 monitor.

So you can do without another tool!

The redirect tool is not only easy to use. It even offers the option of setting a 410 redirect. To mark a URL as deleted (gone). Very few plugins offer that.

A redirect tool is also included in Yoast Premium.

Link suggestions

Internal links are very important for optimizing your website. And, of course, they also offer added value for the reader.

Rankmath offers you good help with this. The plugin makes suggestions for internal linking as you write.

Unfortunately, only for posts that are marked as Cornerstone content.

Yoast offers that too. But again, only in the Pro version.

Google Search Console

Would you like to view the data from the Google Search Console directly in WordPress? Then you can quickly set that up with Rank Math.

In addition to an overview, you are also shown a search analysis and the submitted sitemap.

And soon, a keyword tracker will also be available.

At Yoast, the Search Console connection was possible for a long time but is currently no longer possible.

Elementor integration

Do you work with a page builder? Then you may have noticed that the Yoast SEO settings are not directly available there. To do this, you first have to switch to normal editing mode.

With Rank Math, however, the settings have recently become directly accessible in Elementor.

For me, this feature was another reason to switch to Rankmath. Because so far, no SEO plugin offers an Elementor integration.

Content analysis

The content analysis at Rank Math works similarly to most SEO plugins.

While Yoast works with a traffic light system, Rankmath awards a score. So you can see how well your blog post is optimized based on points.

The criteria for evaluating the content are very similar. And of course, both tools make sure that you apply the most important basics. For example, the length of the text, keyword density, structure, image description, meta description, etc.

With Yoast, however, you will see the Flesh Reading Index, not with Rankmath. The proven SEO tool also indicates the use of connective words.

Rank Math, on the other hand, is more into power words and numbers in the SEO title.

As with all SEO tools, don’t forget: they’re just recommendations. Make the most of it and think about your readers as you blog.


How does the plugin change affect the loading time? I actually saw a difference when I switched from Yoast to RankMath.

Here are the results:


Yoast SEO 583ms

Rank Math 544ms

The pages are now also loaded a little faster in the backend.

Maybe it’s also because I was able to remove some plugins. Thanks to Rank Math, I was able to save myself 2: redirect and schema.

SEO analysis

Rank Math checks the current status of your website in short SEO analysis. At a glance, you can see where and how you can optimize individual points.

The following main points are checked:

  • SEO basics
  • Advanced SEO
  • performance
  • security
  • Social SEO

Of course, this report does not replace a professional SEO check. But it gives a good first overview of the basics.

Yoast does not offer an SEO report.

Import from other SEO tools

If you already use an SEO plugin, you can easily transfer the settings to Rank Math.

The plugin supports an automatic import for many WordPress SEO plugins. E.g., Yoast or All in One SEO.

I have only had good experiences with the Rank Math SEO import. Everything worked fine with several websites.

Nevertheless, you should, of course, make a backup beforehand. To be on the safe side, you can also use the Yoast exporter. This allows you to save all settings as a text file and import them again.

Feature roadmap

What’s next with the development of the plugin? The Rank Math developers provide transparent information here. You can read up on which features are planned in a roadmap.

And you can always contribute ideas and ask for help in the support area. Overall, the developers seem to have an open ear for the wishes of the users.

Rank Math vs. Yoast

Meanwhile, more and more WordPress users are switching from Yoast to Rankmath because the previous market leader offers significantly less in a direct comparison.

Here is a quick comparison of the main differences.

Schema markup✖ (Pro only)
Google Autosuggest
Connection Search Console
Internal link suggestions✖ (Pro only)
Redirect Manager✖ (Pro only)
404 monitor
Local SEO✖ (Pro only)
Nofollow external
links / images
Multiple focus keywords✖ (Pro only)
FAQ scheme
HowTo scheme
SEO analysis
Social previews✖ (Pro only)

Is it worth the change?

Whether a switch is worthwhile for you depends entirely on your requirements and expectations.

If you expect Rank Math to automatically catapult your website to number 1 in Google, I have to disappoint you. Because Rank Math is just a tool, too. But a tool with a lot of possibilities. So if you need and want to use the many features, I can recommend it!

If you are happy with the current SEO plugin, you can keep using it.

My experience with Rank Math

For me, Yoast is still a very good and solid plugin. I’ve worked with it for many years and was happy with it. But just satisfied.

For a long time, I’ve been thinking about switching to SEOPress. But then I discovered Rank Math. And so far, I’m more than satisfied with that. Because here, I can save myself several plugins and simply get additional functions included.

I find the link suggestions, rich snippets, or Google Suggest super useful. And the Elementor integration is also a real relief.

So far, I can only say positive things about the plugin! For me, it’s the best free alternative to Yoast.

Note: Rank Math will not automatically improve your rankings. It’s also just a tool that you use. What you make of it is entirely up to you.