Best WordPress Plugins For Popups

Thanks to the huge community and the resulting plugins, WordPress now offers so many different functions that, of course, popups should not be missing. An element on websites that could hardly be more divided. Some idolize them; others hate them profoundly. But you can say what you want at the end of the day; they just get reactions.

Be it advertising for a special offer in the online shop, which then receives more orders. Or the free freebie, which is downloaded a thousand instead of a hundred times. Or the reminder not to go because you still have a great offer.

Either way, they are definitely of use. Have you ever thought about what you could use a popup for? Let’s take a look at different plugins that you can use for this.

SumoMe ListBuilderThe SumoMe ListBuilder is primarily used to collect the email addresses of prospects and prospects. You can set where, when, and how often it is displayed and customize the display with just a few clicks.

1. Ninja popups

This plugin is also primarily used to collect data. A subscription is usually concluded here after a form provided by you has been filled out.

2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster basically does exactly what the name suggests. It simply obtains the consent to use the data by opting in. So it works just like the two plugins mentioned before.

3. PopUp Domination

With this (mind you paid) plugin you already have a few more options. A / B tests or differentiated setting options for targeting. For example, you can only have the popup appear in certain time windows.

4. Icegram

Thanks to Icegram, the popup looks like a small envelope and offers the opportunity to provide visitors with important information and then forward them to another landing page using a button.

5. YITH newsletter popup

YITH plugins are often specialized in WooCommerce, and this is also a plugin that, of course, harmonizes perfectly with the Shopaddon. But it can, of course, also be installed for any other project. The basic input fields are displayed, as well as a checkbox, if necessary, for all those visitors who no longer want to see such popups in the future.

6. Elementor Pro

Well, the Elementor is now a theme and not a plugin, but here too, there is the function for popups. So if you’ve ever thought about getting a premium design for your WordPress blog, Elementor could be the solution.

7. ChimpMate Pro

If you use MailChimp, you should definitely use ChimpMate for your popups because it was specially designed to work with the in-house mailer. To the extent that it makes sending the newsletter a lot easier. Here you have the usual options for customization and can display your popup exactly as you need it.

8. Super Forms – Popups Add-on

This plugin can be used very flexibly for conventional WordPress blogs and also shops based on WooCommerce. The design is pretty easy, and the plugin can either obtain data via opt-in or provide information.

But beware! Despite the pretty sample image, don’t get carried away with using such a popup instead of a real opt-in cookie plugin that blocks the cookies until your consent has been obtained. Then that can quickly go wrong when it comes to the GDPR.

9. WP Flat Newsletter Subscription Panel

Does it have to be a popup? With the WP Flat Newsletter Subscription Panel, you can give your visitors the one-time opportunity to have a subscription on your site; without you waving it obtrusively with each subsequent visit. A feature that is worth every penny, especially for sites with a member’s area!

10. Opt-In Panda for WordPress

Another premium plugin, which, like the predecessors already mentioned, comes with a few additional features. On top of that, Panda’s code is nice and clean and, therefore, does not limit your site’s speed in any way. You can also link this to mailing lists, for example, from MailChimp.