Become an Amazon Affiliate Partner in 3 easy steps!

The Amazon Affiliate is the official affiliate partner program of Amazon. You can register for this free of charge and then earn money on all sales that you generate for Amazon. Getting started is easy, and as a webmaster, you can earn a lot more. If you run affiliate marketing with Amazon on a part-time basis, you can easily earn several hundred euros a month. If you are a blogger with a large fan base, you can even earn millions with Amazon in the long term.

How does the Amazon affiliate program work?

Being an affiliate partner of Amazon is practically the same as being an affiliate or online partner of other companies. As an Amazon affiliate partner, website owners receive a share of the sales that Amazon generates from their marketing efforts.

Usually, these are bloggers who advertise Amazon articles on their blog. You add, e.g.,Include trackable links in your blog posts and other content. Advertisements are also often shown in the header, footer, and sidebars of websites.

Every time a visitor clicks an ad or link on the website, they are redirected to Amazon. If he then buys a product on Amazon, the webmaster receives a percentage of the sales price. The commissions for Amazon’s partners range between 1 and 10 percent of the product value. The exact proportion varies depending on the product category.

Anyone who produces content in any form on the Internet and has a fan base online can secure additional income with Amazon’s PartnerNet. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a company or an individual. Read on and find out how you, too, can become an Amazon partner.

Important rules for partners of Amazon

As an Amazon partner, you get an excellent opportunity to earn money with your website and/or your hobbies. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to a few requirements. So read them carefully before starting a partnership with Amazon. Otherwise, if you violate the rules, your partner account may be blocked.

Most of these rules are designed to prevent the system from being misused. In addition, they should ensure that all Amazon products are only advertised in an ethically justifiable framework.  We have summarized the most important points for you below:

  • Don’t mention product prices as they change regularly. (There are certain exceptions in which you are still allowed to do this. If you also use an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin such as AAWP, prices are automatically output and updated, so you are on the safe side!)
  • Indicate on your website that you earn a commission from purchases based on your referrals.
  • Check your product recommendations, so they don’t contain misleading information.
  • Do not shorten Amazon affiliate links with link shorteners.
  • Don’t include affiliate links in eBooks, emails, or offline marketing campaigns.

How to create your Amazon partner account

Create a blog or website

If you already have a well-running website or blog, you can skip this step. Otherwise, you’ll need to create a platform on which to present your content. You can then use your content for advertising Amazon products.

So your long-term goal is to publish interesting content and thus build a broad readership. Most of Amazon’s established partner’s blog on topics they enjoy. Traveling, cooking, woodworking, diving, or camping are high on the list.

In addition, countless niches are open to you. But it’s best to always choose a topic that you really celebrate. After all, you have to regularly delve into this topic to be successful as an Amazon partner. The good thing about Amazon PartnerNet is that you don’t have to have tons of website or blog visitors to be approved as an Amazon Affiliate. Instead, you can submit an affiliate application as soon as your website is created. Just use a platform like WordPress, develop a solid content strategy, and become an Amazon partner right away.

Sign up for the Amazon affiliate program

As soon as your website or blog is in the starting blocks, you register for the Amazon affiliate program. First, you visit the Amazon PartnerNet and then click on “Register now.” This either works with your existing Amazon account, or you simply create a new one. Then enter your account details such as your name, email address, and home address. You also paste the links for mobile apps and websites on which you want to display the affiliate links, banners, or ads. You can enter up to 50 app and website links here.

In the next step of the application process, you choose an ID for your new Amazon Affiliate Online Business. This is followed by more information about your apps or websites and the products you want to promote. You select product categories from a drop-down menu.

This includes books, clothes, movies, or games related to your apps or websites. Then you explain your strategy: How do you want to generate traffic on your platform and earn money with it? How do you usually go about building links? How many unique website visitors do you want to reach each month?

After all this information, the only thing missing is your phone number. Then click on “Call Now.” You will promptly receive an automated call from Amazon in which you will be given a PIN number. Enter this to finish setting up your PartnerNet account. You can then complete your tax and payment details. You can also postpone that until later and instead click on your dashboard to immediately create your first Amazon affiliate link.

Create your first Amazon affiliate links

Once you have selected products for which you want to advertise, you generate corresponding links with Amazon. There are two easy ways to do this:

Get links through the SiteStripe tool

As an approved partner, you will see the “SiteStripe” tool in the top left corner of your screen after logging in to Amazon. This allows you to search for Amazon products like you would with a normal purchase. Features such as “Customers also ordered” and recommendations highlight products with good ratings. If you want a link for a product, all you have to do is choose your preferred link style (image, text, text, and image). Amazon creates a link for your website. Very easily!

Receive links from the Amazon PartnerNet homepage

You can also use the SiteStripe to quickly navigate to the Amazon PartnerNet by clicking on “Amazon PartnerNet” in the SiteStripe. Then go to “Create partner links” and select “Product links” to get to the product search engine. You can also use this to search for products, browse the categories on Amazon, and add additional filters.

For example, if you select the “Clothing” category, you can filter the results by women, men, etc. Model numbers and brands, specific keywords, or ISBN numbers of books are also easy to find. Once you have found a suitable product, you can also choose whether you want to receive an image link (with an embedded hyperlink), a text link, or a text and image link.

How does affiliate marketing work with Amazon?

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is actually really simple: you publish high-quality content on your platform to build a large audience. You incorporate affiliate links into your content, which direct your visitors to relevant products on Amazon. The following types of content work particularly well for this:

  • Beginner’s Guides – These are especially effective if you have a website about a hobby. List everything beginners need and give reasons. The best thing to do is to divide the recommended products into basic and additional so that the readers are not overwhelmed with offers. Include multiple product links in both categories.
  • Buyer’s Guides – Create a detailed guide on what buyers should look for before purchasing a product. Recommend certain products as part of your advice.
  • How-tos – Teach others a new skill while recommending a few products.
  • Summaries – Make lists or collections of good products that you have had personal experiences with. Your visitors can access it directly via links to Amazon. Give a brief overview of each product and state its advantages.
  • Blog posts on gift ideas – Take advantage of the increased demand for gifts during the holidays: Just make a list of products with different prices. Also, explain why each of your recommended gifts is appealing.

Remember: you need to make at least one sale within six months of becoming an Amazon Affiliate; otherwise, your account will be blocked. This is precisely why a clearly defined content strategy is so important. Start with a single blog post by mentioning a few recommended products. Then publish new content regularly. Once you’ve done the preparatory work, the long-term commissions will flow steadily into your bank account as if by magic.