AWeber(Email Marketing Tool) – An Experience Review(2020)

AWeber(Email Marketing Tool) – An Experience Review(2020)

As one of the very first email marketing systems, AWeber has proven to be a reliable and highly functional marketing tool.

In 1998 the company invented the email autoresponder, which is used by almost all email systems today.

With the right email marketing and a reliable autoresponder, you can quickly build a sustainable customer relationship.

As an AWeber customer, you get access to all the tried-and-tested features and a team at the entry-level tariff that has set itself the goal of perfecting your email marketing.

AWeber at a glance:

  1. Create and send highly converting and engaging emails in minutes
  2. Manage email lists  & automate your email marketing
  3. Connect your landing page tool and get emails like on the assembly line!
  4. The total overview – even when you’re on the go: retrieve statistics from your mobile phone and find out how your emails perform
  5. Have the certainty that your email will arrive! Leading delivery rate in the industry

Functions – These 10 features distinguish AWeber

1. Automate your email marketing – with the AWeber autoresponder

Easily create email sequences and reach more people.

The click-through rate (i.e., how often your email was opened) is up to 25% higher for automated emails than for broadcasts, i.e., one-off emails.

Once set up, the campaign runs on its own, and your contacts receive emails at regular intervals.

An autoresponder saves a tremendous amount of time and enables you to concentrate on the essential things in your business.

With automated and regular emails, you build a sustainable customer relationship and thus strengthen your trust in yourself and your products.

2. Beautiful emails with the drag and drop editor

As an online marketer, it always makes me sad when non-optimized (in German: terrible-looking) emails end up in my email inbox …

However, the reason for this is understandable. Until now, designing emails was only possible with HTML knowledge.

With the Drag & Drop Editor, this excuse is a thing of the past!

With AWeber, you can also design beautiful emails and newsletters without any prior technical knowledge.

Using the drag & drop system, you can easily assemble individual elements such as images, videos, headings, and much more as you want.

AWeber also offers numerous free tools. For example, you can choose from over 6,000 free stock photos!

3. Always reach the right people – with the AWeber customer segmentation

The customer segmentation makes it possible to subdivide contacts and so different customer groups, different emails.

This means that your contacts only receive messages that are relevant to them, which leads to higher customer satisfaction.

You can segment contacts according to these categories:

  • Openings: who opened your emails (and who didn’t)
  • Clicks: who clicked on a specific link in your email
  • Purchases: what products the person bought and how much they spent
  • Visits: which pages your contacts have visited on your website
  • Location: based on the IP address
  • Sign-up form: individual data collected with sign-up forms (gender, age, interests)

The sign-up forms make it possible to query direct data from your customers in up to 25 fields, which virtually leaves no limits to the segmentation.

4. Very easy newsletter design – with templates and templates

If you want your newsletters to be read regularly, they just have to look phenomenal.

There is no way around it.

With AWeber optimized Newsletter to create is easy. You can choose from numerous up- converting templates and then simply exchange the given texts and images with yours.

The templates are also all mobile-responsive. Your customers can, therefore, enjoy your Newsletter from all devices.

5. The Dream Duo – Landing Page Builder & Autoresponder

The team around AWeber has set itself the goal of relieving you of as much work as possible so that you can concentrate on the really important things.

With AWeber, you can, therefore, integrate your landing page tool with just a few clicks, which harmonizes perfectly with the main function.

I can recommend Optimizepress  and  LeadPages to you: collect the emails of potential customers

with highly optimized opt-in forms and let your email lists grow.

With the Drag & Drop Builder and numerous templates, creating the landing pages is even very easy and works in a few minutes.

The main focus of AWeber is clearly on perfecting your email marketing. That is why they leave the creation of landing pages to others (LeadPages or Optimizepress).

This way, every provider can concentrate on their main area and give you an optimal result.

6. Never end up in the spam folder again! The high delivery rate of your emails

What does the most beautiful email bring if it ends up in the spam folder?

With over 51 years of experience in this topic, AWeber is an expert in email delivery.

Numerous factors influence whether your emails are delivered or end up in the spam folder.

7. Become an email marketing expert! Free webinars from AWeber

AWeber is very interested in your success (understandable, since you are a longer customer).

That is why AWeber does everything it can to help you wherever possible.

In their free webinars, you can train yourself in email marketing and become an expert!

8. Optimize your email sequences with AWeber’s email analysis tools

Of course, AWeber also offers deep insights into the behavior of your contacts.

Learn from the clear graphics and optimize your email campaigns.

For example, you can see which of your emails generated the most sales. In the future, you should send this type of email more often.

Gradually you build you highly optimized email sequences and strategies so both your customer satisfaction, as well as your sales.

9. In perfect harmony – integration with other tools

An online marketing tool rarely stands alone. Since different providers have specialized in different categories of online marketing, smooth integration with other tools is essential.

With AWeber, you don’t have to worry about that. These tools & providers run in perfect harmony with AWeber:

  • Facebook
  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • PayPal
  • Divi – Elegant Themes
  • Bloom – Elegant Themes
  • Raven
  • LinkedIn
  • ClickBank
  • SAMcart
  • Stripe
  • lead Pages
  • ClickFunnels
  • OptimizePress
  • SUMO
  • Opti Monster
  • WP Ninja Forms
  • WishList Member
  • teachable

and many, many more …

10. Support & information materials

AWeber is also far ahead in support.

In addition to the numerous forumsYouTube tutorials, and other free information material, AWeber offers first-class – albeit in English – support.

For example, here is a completely free entry-level course: “How do you write first-class emails?”


AWeber offers a free trial month. The first 30 days are completely free for you!

After that, AWeber costs $ 19 / month at the entry-level tariff.

Don’t let the cheap price scare you: AWeber is not cheap – it is cheap!

All features are unlocked even in the cheapest model (with most other providers you can only use certain functions in more expensive models)

The price adapts to the size of your email list.  So you only pay for what you need.


As the mother of all email marketing tools, AWeber offers a first-class email marketing solution.

As a flexible and tried and tested online marketing tool, AWeber offers a first-class product at a low price.

To your advantage, you can test AWeber completely free of charge for 30 days! If you are not 100% convinced afterward, you can easily unsubscribe without any hidden costs.


I hope this post could help you!

Are you already using AWeber? Share your opinion with us in the comments! How do you like AWeber?

Have a nice and successful day!