Avada Theme – Buy The Top WordPress Theme

Avada Theme – Buy The Top WordPress Theme

Avada is, according to the manufacturer ThemeFusion the most popular WordPress theme on Themeforest– the largest WordPress theme marketplace globally.

Currently, in November 2019, the Avada theme already moved more than 500,000 people to buy! Avada has many visually attractive designs and has had its WYSIWYG editor called Fusion Builder since version 6.0. This also comes across Avada into the ranks of premium themes that offer all important features from a single source.

Speaking of features: Avada has it all. In this post, we take a look at the most important features.

Review: The Avada theme tested extensively

About the Avada theme

Avada has been around since 2012. It looks back on a turbulent history, but it must have done a lot right. Otherwise, it would hardly be the most popular theme of Theme forest ascended. Currently stands behind the Avada team of 20 employees. That gives you the assurance that Avada will still be updated in many years.

Even if pages and posts can be edited in the backend, Avada has its own frontend editor that is easy to use and unobtrusive. To edit an element, click on the pen, and then another menu opens. Otherwise, you can see the layout exactly as it is. Exemplary!

Possible website types based on Avada

Avada is a multi-purpose theme. A wide variety of website types can be implemented with it. Blogs, online shops, event websites, sales pages, magazines, and much more are no problem.

Configuration: All Avada theme options

Avada is the king of the theme options. So far, we are not aware of any theme, which offers more configuration options at this point. To show them all, one would have to take dozens of screenshots. Therefore, here is a small selection of the best screens.

Avada: The best features at a glance

Avada really offers everything a WordPress user could want. Also, is the documentation really exemplary? Every feature is documented down to the last detail in words, pictures, and videos. Here are the most important features at a glance:

  • The Fusion Builder Live Editor is a real WYSIWIG editor that can be used to edit all types of content. Avada says that the editor is intuitive to use.
  • A unified options system that makes it unnecessary to mess with the built-in WordPress options simplifies configuration enormously. There are 30 panels and 42 sub-panels!
There is a separate options panel for everything, even for the settings of third-party plugins.
  • Global options can be “overwritten”. Individual pages and posts can be given individual options, although all other pages retain the same settings.
  • Avada is ready to sell and fully integrated with WooCommerce. Product pages, category pages, the checkout process: everything can be edited with Avada.
  • Avada is of course also integrated with the most popular third-party plugins. Including FontAwesome, WPML, Fusion Slider, Events Calendar, Yoast SEO, PWAs, ACF Pro, Slider Revolution, bbPress, LayerSlider 6, Convert Plus, Contact Form 7 and others
  • For agencies and web designers: Avada contains a white label solution with which the user interface can be adapted so that it looks as if you developed the backend yourself. That leaves an impression on the customer.
  • Complete demo websites can be imported with one click. If you want to get rid of the demo website, it’s also gone with one click. Sounds obvious, but it’s not. The demo installer from Avada really has it all. We do not know of a better demo importer.
  • Responsive layouts can be implemented very easily. Avada offers dozens of advanced features that greatly simplify even complex requirements.
  • Do you need data protection compliance? Avada has its own toolkit for this. Embedding third-party buttons, tracking, correct contact forms, compliant registration – Avada does all of this correct on request.
  • Dynamic content can be rearranged as required with the theme. So it is possible to create your own content types or combinations.
All dynamic fields in WordPress can be put together individually depending on the contribution (screenshot Avada website)
  • With the Blog Grid & Masonry Layout Options, galleries of content elements can be created in any style. You won’t find this variety of options when creating galleries with other themes.
  • The SEO options by Avada can also be seen. They don’t replace a dedicated SEO plugin, but they are a good start. There are even options for rich snippets here.
  • Built-in blog layout: Other themes go so far that they offer a second alternative theme ( Hello, Divi ) just to create a blog layout. Not so with Avada, that’s already built-in.
  • Interim updates with the Fusion Patcher: Sometimes, there are problems after a major update that may only affect some of the users. Instead of offering all users a completely new update version, Avada has a “Hotfix Patch Deployment” that can be used to eliminate minor problems outside of the update cycle. With a simple click.
  • Every website needs a good header. In Avada there are seven different styles that the user can choose from.

Four of the seven header types that Avada makes available. Of course, everyone can be further customized. Avada doesn’t leave its customers out in the rain. The team behind the theme is notorious for their great support. In addition to the excellent documentation, video tutorials for all important features (50 on Avada and 45 on Fusion Builder), a Facebook group for exchanging ideas with like-minded people, and a community forum, Avada offers e-mail support via a ticket system.

Content modules

While there may be themes that have a few more obscure content elements, Avada is missing, not really anything. Here’s the proof:

Layout packs

Avada has over 50 layout packs(Ready-made websites). These include layouts for influencers, podcasts, food, nightclubs, galleries, driving schools, hairdressing salons, crypto sites, SEO agencies, sports sites, moving companies, craft beer sites, electrician sites, adventure sites, finance portals, beauty sites, fashion, spas, freelancers, building contractors, creatives, Animals, charities, health sites, online shops, wedding sites, churches, forums, cafes, lawyers, lifestyle sites, hosters, real estate sites, hotels and more. There are always new layout packs added.

In terms of the number of layout packs, Avada is more in the midfield. Still, most users should have a good starter layout.

Outstanding features at Avada

The Avada theme offers various world-class features

The Fusion Builder

The Fusion Builder plays in a class of its own. Compared to the competition, which we have already tested extensively for another post, it really doesn’t have to hide.

The options network

We haven’t heard the term option network before, either. Sounds a bit thick applied. But in connection with the configuration options of Avada, it is not at all exaggerated. You really have to try it out yourself. In comparison, other themes make it so that they have their own options menu, but various settings still have to be set in the WordPress Customizer. The user then always asks himself: “Where do I have to set what now?”

Not so with Avada. There really is EVERYTHING under one hood—even the settings for various third-party plugins.


Avada customers have access to extensive support options as long as a support license exists:

  • The classic way of using the support form.
  • There is also a community forum for each plugin and theme, in which an answer to most of the questions is probably already hidden, or the exchange with other users leads to the goal.
  • And of course, there is very good and extensive documentation, in which all features are described in detail.

Disadvantages: Avada has these weaknesses

No theme without problems. Which one does Avada have? Avada doesn’t have many weaknesses. It’s hard to list them here because we couldn’t find a real deal-breaker.

  • Like most (but not all!) Themes, Avada creates a huge shortcode bustle in the backend.
  • The number of ready-made sites (layout packs) is more than sufficient. But if Avada wants to compete with the best in the industry, they have to double that number.
  • Bad tongues speak of “theme bloat.” If a theme tries to offer all features under one roof and thereby replace functionality that others already provide, then that is not always a good idea. Due to the higher support volume, it could mean that the manufacturer can no longer concentrate on the essentials in the future. Avada definitely suffers from theme bloat by this definition. A curse for one, a blessing for the other.

Conclusion: the Avada theme is great and absolutely recommendable!

We got the Avada them downright knocked off the stool. It was very easy to use to create new websites quickly. Working with the theme and especially the Fusion Builder, is really fun. So it’s no wonder Avada is the number 1 theme on Themeforest. There must be something to it when a manufacturer competes against thousands of competitors on a platform as large as Themeforest enforced over the years. All thumbs up from us and a clear buy recommendation.

Prices: This is how much the Avada Theme costs

If you buy Avada now then, there are various options. Since Avada exclusively on Themeforest is distributed, they look like this:

A single site license with six months of support costs $ 60. If you want to extend the support directly to 12 months, it costs an additional 18 USD. For this amount, you buy:

  • The right Avada to is used in one product worldwide. For example, on a website (domain). There are only additional costs annually if you still need support.
  • This website can also be for a customer. When you create a website for a customer, you also transfer the license to the customer. A new license is required for the next customer/website.

There is also a second option to license Avada. This is only of interest to Avada’s professional users who want to make their own product that they, in turn, sell.

This license is probably NOT interesting for 99% of users. But it is good to know that they exist. You can find the exact license terms at Envato, the operator of Themeforest.

So, what are you waiting for? Start with Avada.

I wish you success!