What is Anchor Text? Everything About It

What is Anchor Text? Everything About It

What is anchor text? 

The anchor text, also known as the link text, is the clickable text of a hyperlink. It is specified separately from the target address so that only the anchor text appears in the text, and the flow of reading is not impaired. Anchor texts that identify are usually highlighted in color (by default in blue font color) and / or underlined. If you click on the anchor text, you will be redirected to the target page. 

How is an anchor text structured?  

An anchor text can consist of a single word and groups of words or complete sentences since it is only the link text in an anchor tag. The anchor tag, in turn, is the “complete” link in the HTML document and is made up of different components: 

<a href=”https://digitalgarg.com”> digitalgarg </a>

<a> </a> (Anchor) = start and end point of the hyperlink 

href ( h ypertext ref erence ) = attribute to link to destination URL 

The anchor text visible as a text link in the document has been highlighted in bold in the anchor tag.  

What types of anchor text are there? 

Depending on the purpose and link target, a distinction is made between four types of anchor text. This includes: 

  • Brand anchor text: The brand anchor text contains the brand or part of the URL of the target domain, such as SEO-Küche – (seo-kueche.de).
  • Money Anchor Text: A Money Anchor Text contains keywords with a clear purchase intention and high competition, such as “buy backlinks.”
  • Compound Anchor Text: Compound Anchor Texts are a combination of brand and money keyword ( purchase intention and brand).
  • Other anchor texts: These anchor texts cannot be assigned to any specific category. This is especially the case with internal links that are identified by link texts such as “here” or “on this page.” 

What does anchor text mean for SEO? How important is the anchor text for search engine optimization? 

A link always represents a kind of recommendation. The anchor text creates a contextual connection between the link target and the current text/content – therefore, it makes sense to use keywords that you want to rank with as anchor text. This makes it easier for the crawler to analyze the page and gives Google important information about its relevance. The user also benefits from strategically placed anchor texts, as they can help them navigate the page more easily. This, in turn, ensures better usability and, consequently, conversions, which are also rated positively by the search engines

What should you watch out for when setting anchor text links? 

To improve the ranking of a website for certain keywords, over-optimization in the form of artificial link building through money anchor texts was often carried out in the past. Google partially severely punished this with the Penguin Update in April 2012. In order to achieve a positive effect using the link text, care should be taken to only place it in sensible places and not to use spam. 

Platforms or tools to manage your Anchor Text or anchor text

Google Search Console:

Formerly known as Webmaster tools, we will know a lot of data about how Google is positioning your website with this platform.

But one of the options in Search Console is to know how many anchor text there are on your web page and vice versa, that is, how many anchor text points to your web page.

To check the links that point to your site, you have to go to: Search traffic -> Links to your site.


This is a powerful software that is used to analyze a lot of data from web pages, whether yours or your competition, one problem is that it is currently paid, but they leave you 7 days free to try.

In the “Anchor Cloud” section, you will see a very visual tag cloud where a cloud of keywords that point to your web page appears.

Remember that it is very important to give value to the anchor text as this will give value to the user and will help Google to “understand” your page.

Apart from working on the link building of your site, which is always good for SEO.