Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service of the US company Google Inc., which is used to analyze traffic on websites. The service examines, among other things, the origin of the visitors, their length of time on individual pages and the use of search engines, thus allowing better control of the success of advertising campaigns.

With Google Analytics you have an overview of the development of your page. Would you like to control your website, optimize it continuously and increase success? With the help of statistical data, including the number of visitors, length of visit and visitor behavior, you can draw meaningful conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Google Analytics enables you to continuously analyze and statistically evaluate your website by including a tracking code in the code of your page. The basic version of this analysis tool is free of charge and is one of the most used web analysis tools worldwide.

– the number of visitors to your page
– the length of time visitors stayed on your website
– the search terms that visitors used to find your website
– the browsers that visitors use
– visitor sources such as links, search engines etc.
– the demographic characteristics such as language and location the visitor
– the content that the visitors viewed on your site
– the devices that the visitor uses
– and much more

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