What is Backlink

A backlink refers to a link back from a website to another page via an integrated, external link. In search engine optimization (especially off-page optimization ), backlinks are an important factor for placing a website in the search engine results list. The more external links a website can record, the more trustworthy it is generally. Today, however, the motto is clear: quality over quantity. A high number of backlinks is reached quickly, so quality is becoming more and more important.

Components of a backlink

A backlink usually consists of a link in the form of a URL, as well as a target page to which you can be redirected by clicking on the link.

As a rule, a backlink in the HTML source code of the link-giving page has the following form:

<a href=””> linked text modules / anchor text </a>

It is possible to add a link title to the backlink. This can be achieved with the following day:

<a href=”” title= “Further link”> linked text modules / anchor text </a>

Backlink types

  • Text link:

    The link is linked to text ( anchor text ) that the user can click on. Google checks these anchor texts for their relevance. Unnatural anchor texts can be produced.

  • Image Link:

    Here an image is linked to a link.

  • Blogroll link:

    A blog can link to another blog or website via this link.

  • Social signal:

    This is a backlink that comes from social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

  • DoFollow:

    These links are called “DoFollow” because this link is followed by a search engine crawler.

  • NoFollow:

    These links are called “NoFollow” because this link is not followed by a search engine crawler.

Value of the backlink

If backlinks come from authoritative sites (trust domains) and have been linked to relevant topics, they are particularly valuable. If websites with a theme link to each other, the respective backlinks are considered important and are rated positively by the search engine. Such backlinks can have a big impact on the ranking of the linked website.

Meaning for SEO

Backlinks are of great importance for search engine optimization. The more backlinks a website can have, the more authority and relevance this website will have on certain topics on Google. It is considered a recommendation and can, therefore, rank better in the search results. This is one reason why many websites build links. However, the quality of a backlink is more important than the number.

Backlinks that do not meet Google’s quality standards can be devalued due to the new Penguin update. Caution should, therefore, be exercised in the case of unauthorized methods of link building, as this can exclude a website from the search engine index.

The following factors influence the quality of a backlink:

  • Popularity and trustworthiness of the linking website
  • Number of external links on the linking page
  • Position of the backlink on the link-giving page
  • Type of backlink (image or text)
  • Type of anchor text
  • Relevant relevance of the backlinks
  • Ranking of the linking page

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